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Reggie Bullock was the best free agent signing for the Dallas Mavericks in years

Reggie Bullock did everything he was signed to do

Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors - Game Five Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Season in review

Reggie Bullock began the season incredibly slowly as he has done throughout his career. Bullock’s slump lasted a little longer than normal as he shot just 28.7 percent from three through December 31st. But the calendar continued to hold sway over his shooting as he shot 39.2 percent from three from January 1st on. This highlighted the pinnacle of my short blogging experience as Jason Kidd actually mentioned that article in a pregame press conference.

Bullock provided fantastic defense at all times, and the season ended with him playing 39.3 minutes per game throughout the playoffs. He averaged 10.6 points on 39.7 percent three point shooting in those minutes. This shooting came on high volume as he took 7.3 threes per game in the playoffs.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Bullock’s playoff run was the sheer distance he covered each game. Bullock trailed only teammate Dorian Finney-Smith in total miles run throughout the playoffs among players that did not make the finals. They were first and second in total distance covered among all playoff players through the conference finals. The Mavericks could not afford to take either off the court as the defense simply collapsed.

Best game

Given the stakes, Game 6 against the Phoenix Suns takes the win here. Bullock had 19 points, 7 rebounds and was 5 of 11 on threes while teaming with Fineey-Smith to do a fantastic job defensively on Chris Paul and Devin Booker.

Honorable mention status goes to the entire month of February. During that month, Bullock averaged 15.8 points on 67.9 true shooting percentage. He achieved this incredible true shooting percentage by shooting 45.2 percent on 73 threes over eight games.

Contract status

Bullock will be playing this season on the second year or his mid-level-exception deal he signed last season. He will make $10,012,800 this season. Then he will make $10,489,600 the following season though only $5,451,200 will be guaranteed.

Looking ahead

Bullock will remain an integral part of the Mavericks. He is the best pure perimeter defender on the team, and the highest volume three point shooter as well. He is a perfect compliment to Luka Doncic as he showed during the playoffs. The Mavericks need to add another player with similar abilities in order to decrease the workload of both Bullock and Finney-Smith.

Grade: B+

Bullock is not a star which prevents him from receiving an A. But he did absolutely everything asked of him after his slow start. He did as good of a job as anyone on the team at fulfilling the responsibilities asked of him.