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Luka Doncic asked about playing with Goran Dragic in the NBA next season

“You should ask the GM about that.”

Dallas Mavericks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Luka Doncic was asked about playing with Goran Dragic next season in the NBA today, in a media session following a Slovenian team practice before the World Cup qualifying game against Croatia Thursday.

While he answered in Slovenian, friend of the site @MatejSportinfo did the translation work for us. Luka responded: “I would like to answer that, but I think it’s a $100,000 penalty if I did. You should ask the GM about that.”

Goran Dragic also had little to say in response, “We can’t talk about it till July 1st.”

It’s not the first nor the last time these two have been asked this question and Dragic has been tied to the Mavericks going as far back as the 2019 draft where a trade fell through involving Dragic coming to Dallas. He was also heavily tied to the Mavericks last off-season, prior to his buyout with the Toronto Raptors after being traded from the Heat, only to see that potential plan fizzle once the Mavericks traded for Spencer Dinwiddie prior to the trade deadline. Dallas is expected to consider Dragic once free agency begins, per Marc Stein.

Dallas fans seem somewhat split on the notion of Dragic being a Maverick, as he’s an older player now at age 36 coming off of a season where he started to show his age. However, I’d like to see Dragic join the team not just because I think he could still give Dallas solid minutes, but because he’s a world class professional and intense competitor while also being a longtime mentor to Doncic. While Luka has continued to evolve as a player, there are still moments where we see the younger man he still is. If the Mavericks have the available roster spots, the veteran guard would be a solid signing.

Here’s more video from the interaction.