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Every Maverick Free Agency rumor

It’s the time of year for Dallas Maverick related rumor and hearsay as it pertains to free agenncy

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2022 NBA Playoffs - Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Free agency is upon the Dallas Mavericks once again. We’ve all had our heads somewhat buried in the sand with relation to free agency. First, because the Mavericks made the Western Conference Finals and there hasn’t been near as much time to team build in our minds. The other element is the looming Jalen Brunson situation, as he’s an unrestricted free agent. It’s taken up a great deal of time and thought both here on the site and on the internet at large.

Here’s where we are, with newest information at the top going back to the first notice. Check back often!

June 30th, 2:53 - Bo Cruz, er, Juancho Hernangomez gets bought out

Callie Caplan notes that Luka is good friends with Hernangomez. This would be fun since I now love this guy after Hustle.

June 30th, 2:26 pm - Kevin Durant has Dallas on his list of destinations

According to HoopsHype, Dallas is one of many teams Kevin Durant would like to go to since he’s requested a trade. I see the vision. It would rule. I have no idea how it happens.

June 30th, 1:23 pm - Dallas to make a run at Collin Sexton

This one per AmicoHoops, though how Dallas would do this makes no sense. Dallas doesn’t have cap space

June 29th, 9:45 pm - JaVale McGee again, for some reason

Via Phoenix radio guy John Gambadoro, he says the Mavericks are interested. We already did this once and it was a while ago and he’s only older. Sure.

June 29th, 2:12 pm - Isaiah Hartenstein leaning towards signing in Orlando

The Magic are in the lead for Clipper big man Hartenstein per Marc Stein. This one stinks for Dallas fans as he’s someone many have had an eye on for some time.

June 29th, 10:31 am - Mavericks and Pistons discussed Detroit taking on a Dallas contract

Per Matt Moore, Dallas and Detroit had talks about them absorbing a contract that the Mavericks wanted to move on from. As they ended up working with the Knicks, this one’s a non-starter now.

June 29th, 6:46 am - Theo Pinson getting qualifying offer from Dallas

According to Keith Smith, the Mavericks will be offering the playoff hype man and regular season vibes leader a contract at the start of free agency. He can no longer be a two-way player.

I’m personally not sure about this now that Jalen Brunson is gone. Dallas needs depth and he strikes me as a luxury.

June 29th, 6:40 am - Mavericks considered suitors for Matisse Thybulle

This one is from Jake Fischer, and comes as part of a note about the 76ers considering trading Thybulle. He’s a fascinating defensive player, but is so very bad on offense. I have no idea how this one might happen.

June 28th, 3:44 pm - Jalen Brunson expected to sign four year deal worth more than $100 million

Tim MacMahon of ESPN tweeted out this report, also mentioning that the Knicks still have to clear cap space for Brunson to sign for this much and that it’s unclear if the Mavericks can work out a sign-and-trade so they don’t lose Brunson for nothing.

We covered potential sign and trades here.

At the moment, it’s safe to assume that the Mavericks either have a walk-away price they don’t want to offer Jalen Brunson OR Brunson’s indicated he’s not interested in coming back.

June 28th, 3:02 pm - Jalen Brunson is almost certainly going to sign with the New York Knicks

This one courtesy of Jeff “Skin” Wade, part of the Dallas Mavericks television crew and one of the hosts of the Ben and Skin show on the Eagle, 97.1. He said “I think it’s a 99% chance that Jalen Brunson ends up with the Knicks”.

It’s a bit of a gut punch to hear that, even if it’s something that’s been building for over a week. Marc Stein confirms with note of “growing resignation” on the part of the Mavericks.

June 28th, 9:29 am - Goran Dragic intends to sign with Dallas Mavericks

Legion Hoops is reporting this rumor and while I have no sense on whether it’s true, I also have no idea why something this straight forward would be off, particularly when considering the last several years of “will he/won’t he” with Dragic and the Mavericks. There’s also Luka Doncic and Dragic saying they can’t talk about it, and denying they are playing together doesn’t seem like a finable offense.

June 27th, 5:09 pm - Mavericks considered series suitors for Gary Payton II

From Anthony Slater, this rumor is a surprise in that I’m not entirely sure how the Mavericks could be suitors. If Brunson leaves, they don’t have the means to sign Payton who will surely receive more attention and money than Dallas can give him. And yet, the idea is tantalizing.

Listen to our two latest podcasts. Seth Partnow explains why Jalen Brunson leaving might not be the worst thing for Dallas. Then we have a Spotify Live where we lament the Brunson signing with fellow Mavericks fans. If you can’t see the embed, search Mavs Moneyball Podcast in your favorite player or click here.