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Comparing the reported contract offers to Jalen Brunson from the Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks

A side by side comparison of what’s been put out by various media

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks- Game Four Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

I want to explain and show the different reported offers the Mavericks and Knicks have on the table. This will show exact figures based on what a various NBA insiders have said.

Reports on Twitter

Chris Haynes reported the contract figures for what he has heard the Knicks have on the table for Brunson.

Tim MacMahon came out with what he’s heard the Mavericks have on the table.


The total being the same but the Mavericks have one more year. What does the difference look like each season?

Knicks Reported Offer

Mavericks Reported Offer

The MOST Brunson will make in any season in a 5 year 110 Mill deal is $25,034,483. The LEAST Brunson will make in any season in a 4 year 110 Mill deal in $25,581395.

These numbers initially look similar because the overall number is the same, but once you look closer you can see they aren’t close at all. The Mavericks hopefully have a plan for how to pivot in the wake of Brunson’s departure. They don’t gain any cap space nor do they gain any exception. That is unless this is Brunson transaction is somehow made into a sign-and-trade. Maybe flexibility or future cap space holds too much allure to retain Brunson at the level the Knicks are offering, but I personally am sad that number 13 won’t be coming back to Mavericks for another season.

The Mavericks will still be a good team. They’ll make up for Brunson’s absence with new production from Christian Wood and Tim Hardaway. The Mavericks can shift some ball handling to Spencer Dinwiddie and possibly to Goran Dragic, if the Mavericks are finally able to land him. However, losing Brunson with no return is roster building malpractice. Let’s see what else Nico Harrison and Michael Finley do over the rest of the off-season.

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