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German National Team to retire Dirk Nowitzki’s jersey

Dirk Nowitzki is the best and Germany is recognizing it


Dirk Nowitzki is an absolute legend for his unparalleled career with the Dallas Mavericks. But the Mavericks are not the only team for which he is the unquestioned “GOAT.” Nowitzki was also the best player in the history of the German National team. They have joined the Mavericks in retiring Nowitzki’s number.

The Mavericks are up to six numbers retired with the recent league wide retirement of Bill Russell’s jersey (Side note: It is strange that the Mavericks have retired six jerseys and two of them never played a minute for the team). The German National Team on the other hand has been much more judicious in retiring jerseys. Nowitzki will be the first jersey they have retired.

The major difference is that, while his 41 is unforgettable to Mavericks’ fans, Nowitzki wore 14 with the German National Team. Nowitzki has often listed qualifying for the 2008 Olympics as one of his most proud accomplishments. Germany understood what a treasure Nowitzki was as he carried the flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

The ceremony officially retiring the jersey will take place when Germany plays France to start the EuroBasket tournament. Many Mavericks’ fans will already be watching EuroBasket to see Luka Doncic continue his international exploits as he once again teams with Goran Dragic for Slovenia. This will give those fans a reason to remember the truly special years that the Mavericks enjoyed Nowitzki’s greatness.