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“Path is not there” for a Collin Sexton sign and trade to the Mavericks

Reporter Chris Fedor joined Jake Fischer’s podcast to discuss the Cavs ongoing Collin Sexton free agency saga

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report recently had a Chris Fedor, a reporter for, on his podcast to talk the state of the Cavaliers. Naturally, as one of the biggest question marks still remaining in free agency, the topic of Collin Sexton came up. The bad news for Mavs fans who have founded the “Sexton to Dallas” booster club, Fedor threw cold water on the idea of a Mavs/Cavs sign and trade.

“Both sides recognize that the path is not there for a sign and trade,” Fedor remarked when asked directly about talks between the two franchises. Similarly, he said the Jazz and the Heat, two other teams who might be interested in the services of Sexton, were equally unlikely to be able to put together a workable package to move the guard.

Tim Hardaway Jr. is a player many trade-machine-addled Mavericks’ fans are quick to throw into any potential trade, regardless of fit. Fisher touched on this, adding “THJ, I think… what real use do they (Cleveland) have for such a highly-paid role player/shooter off the bench?”

Projecting this forward a bit, when you combine this most recent info from Fedor with his earlier reporting that “there’s a real chance” Sexton plays under the qualifying offer this season to become a free agent, there still seems to be a ray of hope for those dead set on adding Sexton, specifically.

If Dallas is willing to take their medicine this season, gutting through it with only Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie as true ball handlers, or even adding a one-year Band-Aid to that spot on the roster, Sexton could be there for the taking as an unrestricted free agent in the class of 2023.

For more on what Fischer and Fedor had to say about the Mavericks pursuit of Sexton, check out the full podcast on