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Mavericks Media Day Open Thread

This is the greatest media day photo

Dallas Mavericks Media Day 2013-2014 Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Pre-season officially starts at 10 am CST this morning when the Dallas Mavericks kick off their Media Day. For those less familiar, Media Day is some what informal kick off where much of the team is available to the media to speak and the team takes a lot of official photos.

As interest in the minutiae of sports grows with each passing season, fans are getting more and more access. Once again the Mavericks are putting a number of player press conferences up on Twitch.

If you read that list closely, it’s a list of the expected primary rotation players, starting with Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie. At the moment, we don’t have a listing of who is speaking when, but it’s worth keeping the stream up if you’re really interested.

We won’t have anyone there live (silly day jobs and such), but you can expect at least some reaction (and possibly overreaction) to what’s said by the players and the coaches. Jason Kidd already gave one truly outstanding answer recently when asked about the departure of Jalen Brunson.

While I’m sure Brunson will be a recurring topic to players, I’m looking forward to what the new additions have to say. Christian Wood’s impact may decide the season and whether JaVale McGee can help shore up a big man rotation that looked exhausted by season’s end.

We’re bound to have some reaction posts as the day goes on, and we have a ton of pre-season stuff planned between now and season kick off. Dallas plays their first pre-season game in less than 10 days, so if you haven’t wound back up for basketball season, it’s time to get back in that headspace.

If you haven’t listened to our pre-Media Day live show, click here. We talk about what questions we hope are asked throughout the day.