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Mavs YouTube Roundup: Beef History Edition

Every hero needs a villain

2019 NBA All-Star Game Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

We begin our second installment of the Mavs YouTube RoundUp with a morsel of greatness from Secret Base. The latest episode of Beef History focuses on the greatest Maverick and the greatest Mavericks villain. This one is a must-watch and will fill you with gratitude that Dirk was ours and Wade was theirs. Apparently, Wade is now embarrassed when the coughing incident comes up. Imagine that.

The Roundup is not limited to recently released videos and, thematically, this fits. Here’s another gem from Secret Base as they give the greatest comeback in DFW sports history the spotlight in this episode of Rewind. The 2011 NBA Finals was the triumph of heroes over villainy and this is the moment where it all turned from expectant South Beach party time to a true test of wills.

Let’s keep the Dirk thing going and toss in a really cool retrospective featuring clips from his entire career. I stumbled onto this one moment ago and am glad I did.

Skip to the 19-minute mark of the latest episode of Tim McMahon’s Howdy Partners to hear why Zach Levine in a Mavs jersey is more thumbnail clickbait than an actual trade we are likely to see materialize.

The NBA likes to push out these Fantastic Finish videos and sometimes the finish lives up to the title. Luka Doncic played the entire second half and two overtime periods to lead the Dallas Mavericks past the Los Angeles Lakers in a very physical and strangely officiated game. Russell Westbrook might have a career in rugby once his playing days are over.

Rim protection is something the Mavericks entered the season believing that JaVale McGee would provide. Christian Wood was slated to buoy the offense while Luka was off the floor. The last few weeks have given Wood a chance to be the starting center and primary rim protector - and he is coming through in a way that is surprising opponents and announcers alike. The groundswell yearning to see him sign an extension is building in no small part due to his better-than-expected defensive intensity.

Finally, a rare find. The channel is called “NBA 15 years ago today”. At the time of this writing, this channel has 96 subscribers including yours truly. This video has only 148 views. Let’s change that, dear readers. Whoever is behind this channel deserves to subs and some views as they are doing something very unique and time intensive without any fanfare thus far.