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What did you think of the Luka Doncic mural?

Tell us what you think of the mural

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Earlier this week, we covered a story about the Luka Doncic mural that went up in Deep Ellum. While it’s since been taken down and the artist says something new is coming, working with Luka Doncic specifically, it raised a lot of questions in the Dallas area. It’s resulted in some strong opinions, including some weird arguments. So what did you think of it?

I see both sides but I’m largely fine with the sentiment. We offer it up here every other article. Luka Doncic needs as good of a team as the Mavericks can place around him. That it’s somehow offensive to the other Dallas players or something like that is an argument I can certainly buy, I just don’t particularly care. Doncic is the hard part, you win championships with superstars. If any other Maverick takes offense to it, the solution is to play better. Too many Dallas players contribute very little.

Tell us what you think! The poll will be up for a few days I think.