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Quote Board: Luka Doncic, Reggie Bullock, and Jason Kidd speak after dismantling the Heat

A good win means happy post game comments

NBA: Miami Heat at Dallas Mavericks Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks throttled the Miami Heat at home Friday night. After a three game slide the win was much needed and both the players and head coach Jason Kidd seemed a bit more at ease in the post game. Here’s what they had to say following the nice win.

Luka Doncic

(On setting screens…)

“Yeah, I got a pretty wide body (laughs). Not really working [on screens], but just learning the game. A lot of people do it, because [the opponents] doubled me, so the other people should just drive.”

(On the play of Josh Green…)

“I mean [Josh Green]’s great. He’s just out there, he comes with a lot of energy. The energy that he brings is really good, so it really helps us a lot.”

(On the Mavericks’ fast start…)

“Like we said before the game, they’re going to be really physical but I think we set the tone, playing physical and playing defense, and that’s why our start was great.”

Reggie Bullock

(On the team’s defense…)

“It was just a team effort. Obviously, [the lineup] was a lot smaller tonight, people were flying around, giving multiple efforts, trying to take away 3s from them. But it was just the effort that guys put in, the five that Coach [Jason Kidd] put out there.”

(On how to maintain the defensive performance…)

“We know what we have to do when we go into practice. We look at film, we see the things that they put two on, our spots that we need to be at on the defensive end. We just have to give multiple effort and stick to the game plan. Go out there and just try to perform and do it.”

(On his recent offensive performances…)

“Just continue to keep believing in my shot. I believe in the work that I continue to keep putting in. It was a very slow start for me, but the organization, the team, every day they’re telling me ‘shoot the ball, shoot the ball, shoot the ball.’ It’s all about me continuing with that confidence and continuing to believe in my reps and keep it going.”

Jason Kidd

(On the key to the team’s defensive turnaround...)

“I thought they played for 48 minutes. I thought even the group that was in at the end played with energy and effort. I think there was clarity of what we’ve asked them to do in this game plan and they responded. It wasn’t me calling them out or saying we had a walk through or shootaround during the game against Atlanta. You could see they were flying around. Now we’ve got to hold them to that standard.”

(On what’s preventing this type of defensive performance every game...)

“Sometimes they can be tired or upset. I don’t know. I think it’s just the journey that all teams go through of trying to find identity, trying to find continuity, trust. Sometimes you don’t have to lose but you do lose and you find out the character of the group in that locker room. I thought they responded.”

(On the impact of Dwight Powell...)

“Oh he was great. He was great at both ends — the energy. He’s never going to be talked about as someone scoring 10-20 points a night but just the energy, effort, doing all of the little things. I thought, again, he did a pretty good job on Bam [Adebayo]. Bam’s an All-Star in this league. He’s tough to guard but I thought he made it difficult. Even Bam made some shots but I thought [Powell] was incredible tonight.”

(On the small lineups...)

“They were alright. They were good. That group has played with each other; they understand what they have to do. There’s no indecisiveness. They play, they talk. Deflections were probably the highest tonight. Just running guys off of 3s. Just the extra effort was there. It kind of reminded us of last year at the end of the season when we were playing with that effort.”

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