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Stats Rundown: 3 numbers to know from another loss to the Wizards

What an embarrassment

NBA: Washington Wizards at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks dropped their final game of a four-game homestand by falling 127-126 to the lowly Washington Wizards. Dallas played a great game on the offensive end of the floor but failed to get stops on defense all night long, and Washington was able to sneak away with the victory. The Wizards swept the Mavericks on the season, which is hilarious. Frankly, this is not a game Dallas could afford to lose and the fact that they managed to do so just highlights how flawed this basketball team really is.

Here are three numbers that tell the story of how they embarrassed themselves tonight.

41: Free throws attempted for the Wizards

They made 32 of them. For the second straight contest, the Mavericks’ opponent hit 30-plus free throws against them. Sure, the officiating wasn’t great. But this is primarily an issue with the Mavericks’ defensive personnel being incapable of keeping their man in front of them and effectively contesting shots at the rim. Time after time after time after time, the point-of-attack defenders get beat and force help in the paint, only for the rotating defense to get picked apart by ball movement. The result of this is easy layups and trips to the free throw line, as interior Maverick defenders (who already struggle to guard the rim) are placed in compromising positions.

They clearly do not have the horses to play the kind of defense that Jason Kidd wants to play right now. The scheme is broken, and changes need to be made.

22: Points from Dwight Powell tonight

It was a season high for the big man. Getting this kind of offensive production from Powell (not to mention 16 from Josh Green) and still managing to lose is kind of amazing. Powell played a great game on the offensive end. His chemistry with Luka Doncic in the pick and roll and ability to create space for Maverick guards to operate is incredibly underrated. He wasn’t good on defense tonight, but it’s hard to put all the blame on him. Powell is a bad rim defender, but the perimeter defense was doing him no favors all night by being unable to contain any kind of dribble penetration.

Having to rely on Dwight Powell to anchor the back line of your defense is not a position he should even have to be placed in, but with the state of the roster, things like this will happen.

3-7: the Mavericks’ record in their last 10 games

One of those wins was a double-overtime game against a bad Lakers team. One was against the Pelicans without their three best players. The Mavericks are in a very bad way right now. This homestand was a big opportunity to get back on track with a difficult road stretch coming up. They squandered it and are faced with some very tough decisions about where the season goes from here.

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