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The Dallas Mavericks and NBA YouTube Roundup

We select the best videos on Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, and the NBA at large

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We call the concept “the algorithm” - the notion that if you click on a link to a video on YouTube, you’ll soon see more and more of that topic. Sometimes that is a good thing as you are turned onto a channel you would never find. Other times, you will find your feed inundated with low-level flotsam. With the new calendar year, we have decided to highlight some of the very best offerings from YouTube that focus on the Mavs or the league generally. We sift through so you won’t have to. To keep the quality up, these installments will be intermittent.

Let’s start off with low-hanging fruit. The NBA’s Player of the Month highlight package features the whirling wunderkind that is Luka Doncic. It starts with the tip-in put-back heard around the world. Derek Harper says that nothing shocks him about the game mere seconds before the basketball world was shaken by the cap to one of the greatest last-half-minute comebacks in NBA history. Doncic has given Dallas exactly the sort of torrent they needed to rise in the standings while missing key rotation players.

Nick Wright has long been a champion of Luka Doncic. In this video, he puts the comeback win over the New York Knicks and Doncic’s historic game into context.

There is a reason JxmyHighroller has 2.2 million subscribers - his videos are elegant and precise. Here he explains why the 60-21-10 effort is the best game he has ever seen.

How Luka attacked the hedge employed by the Knicks is the focus of Thinking Basketball.

BBallBreakdown takes you through the game film in slow motion to show how Luka sliced and diced the Knicks.

Christmas Day basketball was even better than usual because it featured a marquee matchup of the Mavericks hosting the Lakers. Enjoy this compilation of players being mic’d up.

The Dirk Nowitski statue has already been lauded as one the best in all of sports. Rather than include a video of the ceremony here, we are deciding to include this beautiful bit of prose from Brian Demaris on the lanky German kid who became a forever Texan.

Finally, a cautionary tale that should frighten every NBA fan. Trading a package of first-round picks is not guaranteed to work out.