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Have your expectations changed during the Dallas Mavericks win streak?

A seven game win streak might change minds

Dallas Mavericks v Houston Rockets Photo by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

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A seven game win streak is nothing to scoff at. Considering it’s the team’s first seven game win streak since the 2011 championship, 11 seasons, it feels pretty important. But the streak has some clear caveats: all of the wins were against sub .500 teams including three wins against the basement dwelling Houston Rockets. But Dallas has clear counters to that complaint, namely that they’re extremely injured with three rotation players out for a significant stretch of time.

So, understanding all this, have your expectations changed for this Dallas team compared to how you felt before the streak?

Both answers feel very justifiable. If you think Luka Doncic is a multiverse defeating superstar capable and willing to score 40 points or more every night, leading Dallas to victory, I get it. He’s that good and with Christian Wood looking like a true offensive sidekick, the offense has seemingly limitless potential.

But if you’re still weary, that’s understandable too. The Dallas defense has gotten much worse during the stretch if you dive into the numbers a bit (Iztok Franko has fascinating data in this thread). The Mavericks may be at the edge of their energy too, with everyone not injured assuming larger roles than intended. Minutes are getting high for everyone and tired players wear down.

The Western Conference is so weird right now and depending on when you read this and vote for it, the Mavericks may have finally lost a game or two. But either way, a win streak is important and not something to hand wave. Whether or not it has influenced how our fanbase feels about things is something I’d like to know as we continue our coverage.