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Mavericks Gear Check: a shoppers guide to every corner of the internet

Uncovering some hidden gems to add to your Mavericks gear collection

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Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

There are moments, usually scrolling aimlessly through Twitter, that I will pass an image or promoted tweet or ad for massive savings on fan gear. Something that stops me dead in my tracks, awed by what I’m seeing, shaking my fist at the basketball gods that I’m just now uncovering this gem. I buy these items? Usually no. But I need someone to buy them, someone to know that this marvel of Dallas Mavericks gear exists. So that’s what we’re doing here with Mavericks Gear Check: a dive into the obvious and not-so-obvious corners of the internet for beautiful, disgusting, hilarious, awe-inspiring Dallas Mavericks gear. Let’s dive in!

Dallas Mavericks Hyper Hoops Swingman Short (Mitchell & Ness)


The epitome of gem. Why. How. In this economy? These scream Saturday lawn work. Classic and busy, but also the perfect throwback branding. Am I going to pay $100 to mow the grass in these? Absolutely not. But someone should.

I will admit I wish the green 80’s stripe was the only accent across the center of the shorts. Upon closer inspection, the darker blue behind the stripe makes it look distressed...but for grease stains! Thank me later when you throw on these bad boys at your Memorial Day BBQ and all eyes are on you. And if this isn’t your style, might I interest you in these??? Mitchell & Ness are knocking this out of the park.

DEFEND DALLAS T-shirt (Breaking T)


Breaking T makes a lot of great shirts, in fact we’ve posted about them before! They’re a great mix of quality design, of-the-moment references (they currently have this for sale too), and comfortable shirts that can be worn for years. There were plenty Mavericks shirts to choose from but this relic is a must-buy.

Imagine it’s 2039, and before you head downtown to Shark Tank Arena for 40-year old Luka Doncic’s statue ceremony you pop open your memorabilia box and grab this shirt. You try to explain to your grandchild sitting next to you in your hover car that once, when Luka Doncic was early in his career, his coach Richard Preston Carlisle would award a defensive belt to a single player after each win. That team was 20th in Defensive Rating. Iconic.

Full Throttle: 2003 Dallas Mavericks Comic Book (eBay)


I tried to do some digging on where this came from. And by “tried to do some digging” I mean I googled “Dallas Mavericks comic book” and scrolled through the first two pages of results. Because do I really need to know how or why this came to be? It’s incredible, and an ideal item to have framed in a fan cave.

My guess is this was a fan handout at a game in the 2003 season, not long before two of the fantastic four on the cover hit the road. But the cover art alone is worth the price of admission. We have Dirk Nowitzki looking like Point Break Patrick Swayze, Mark Cuban before 19 more years of partying, high school stoner Steve Nash, and Finley....actually Fin looks pretty good. PLUS you’re telling me Popeye Jones and Raef LaFrentz are characters in this? Easy 10 bucks.