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2023 Mavericks Trade Deadline Tracker

We’ll be keeping a list of all Mavericks trade rumors, reputable and otherwise, leading up to the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline

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2022 NBA Playoffs - Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

It remains to be seen whether or not the Dallas Mavericks will be a participant in the 2023 trade market. They’re competitive in a Western Conference that’s shaking out very differently compared to pre-season predictions. Injuries have played a part for all teams, as they always do, and the Mavericks have found themselves competitive as we approach the second half of the regular season.

The Mavericks have limited trade assets, as we detailed here earlier in the season, though that certainly doesn’t mean that Nico Harrison and Dallas can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat. They certain did last season, moving Kristaps Porzingis.

The NBA Trade Deadline is a month from now, on February 9th at 2:00 pm CST. This will be updated and republished regularly until the deadline passes. Posts in this deadline will be published with newest rumors at the top and older ones further down the page. Check back often!

February 5th - So the Mavericks traded for Kyrie Irving!

You can see all our coverage by simply going to and it’s plastered everywhere. But beyond that, the Dallas Morning News thinks that Dallas isn’t done yet. So we’ll see what happens before Thursday.

February 4th - League sources downplay the chances of the Mavericks to get Irving

Mike Scotto of HoopsHype says that sources around the league sources “with knowledge of the Mavericks’ thinking downplayed the team’s chances of landing Irving in a trade”. Now, I don’t understand the sourcing chain here. It’s not a Mavericks source, but a league source that claims to know what the Mavericks are thinking. Short story, no idea what this means.

February 3rd - Kyrie Irving demands a trade, Dallas interested

We went ahead and did a whole post for this.

February 3rd - Any Bogdanovic will do

This was part of a longer column from Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo, but he mentions the Maverivks have interest in either Bogdanovic. Bojan in Detroit we knew about. But Bogdan with the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas interest is new to me.

February 2nd - Dorian interest overstated, Dallas interested in Reddish, Bojan hopes fading

According to Marc Stein and Chris Hayes on their latest podcast episode... it seems anything Mavericks fans might have been hopeful for, none of those things are likely at all as of today. The earlier reports about DFS and how he’s somewhat coveted are overblown. Dallas has interest in Reddish but doesn’t have the salary to match. The Mavericks are still interested in Bojan but they are one of many and it seems Detroit wants to hold on to him.

January 30th - Dallas considering moving Dorian Finney-Smith

Shams reported that the Mavericks would be willing to move DFS for the right price. There’s been some chatter around whether he’d be included in a package going to Utah, but it’s interesting considering Finney-Smith’s value to the organization on and off the floor.

January 26th - Bleacher Report Mavstravaganza

There’s too much in this one from Eric Pincus to properly aggregate. Pincus is a good journalist but B/R seems to have the editorial guideline of “if you hear anything, publish it”.

That’s why this one has Dallas interested in Bojan Bogdanovic, Cam Reddish, Buddy Hield, and for some reason, Pascal Siakam. How that last one would work is beyond me, but sure!

January 23rd - The league expects the Mavericks to make a move

Per Tim Cato of The Athletic, “There’s a growing sense around the league that the Mavericks will make a move, and the internal signs of restlessness from key figures of the organization have become more visible in recent days.” Cato dives deep into the Mavericks trade deadline dilemma, and it’s a great read. Check it out.

January 23rd - Rui Hachimura!

This one per Mike Scotto of HoopsHype, and while I don’t see how it’s possible, consider me a huge fan of the idea. He’s an interesting basketball player who’d likely need to be a more willing three point shooter off the catch, but he’s got talent.

January 18th - Adrian Wojnarowski links Dallas to Bogdanovic and Noel

Smoke is getting thicker here. Hard pass from me.

January 18th - Luka Doncic would like a roster upgrade

This little nugget was in the latest ESPN Tim MacMahon piece on Luka Doncic and Trae Young and that fateful trade between the Atlanta Hawks and Mavericks. MacMahon says Luka, “has strongly indicated he wants the Mavs to upgrade” before the trade deadline.

Good. Doncic should use his authority within the organization.

January 18th - Mavericks interested in Cam Reddish

Per friend of the site Marc Stein, Dallas is one of a few teams interested in Cam Reddish, who is currently riding the bench for the New York Knicks. This would be hilarious, if only because the Mavericks had to send their 2019 pick to the Hawks who then picked Reddish with the 10th overall pick. I don’t know how to feel about this one; Reddish is HUGE which is important, but he’s also not shown to be very good outside some short stints. As a reclamation project, sure.

But it seems it would require sending Reggie Bullock, who Mavericks fans are very frustrated with, but the front office still holds in high regard.

January 16th - Louder Nerlens Noel chatter

This is courtesy of Pistons beat writer James Edwards, noting, “Per league sources, the teams most engaged in talks with the Pistons about Noel to date are the Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks.”

I’m to the point where I’m not that sure what Noel helps. He was mobile and active but he’s not the young man he used to be and his such a thin player. Then again, Davis Bertans got center minutes against the Blazers, so perhaps beggars cannot be choosers.

January 12th - John Collins?

This one’s been a few places but I’ve been reluctant to give it any credence… but with USA Today reporting that the Mavericks have interest in Collins, I sort of have to don’t I?

This one makes no sense, as the Mavericks have Collins already in Christian Wood. But I suppose stranger things have happened.

January 11th - Hardaway to Miami?

According to someone named Adam Borai (admittedly, a person I’ve never heard of but has 30,000 Twitter followers), the Mavericks have had talks with the Miami Heat about sending Tim Hardaway. He goes on to talk about how something like this would be complicated on Miami’s end, “a lot of moving parts” so color me skeptical of anything realistic coming out of this rumor.

January 10th - Dallas asks about Quickley and perhaps the Cavaliers aren’t THAT interested in Hardaway Jr.

Mike Scotto of HoopsHype has a bit of a data dump today where he notes a number of teams have called the Knicks about Immanuel Quickley. He later says that now that the rumor is out there about Tim Hardaway, the Cavaliers have some reservations about accepting his contract which still has two years left following this one.

The former tidbit strikes me as noise, teams like good players, but I don’t see a Dallas-New York deal anytime soon. The latter on Tim seems like a bit of public bargaining. If some in the Cleveland organization think LeVert is the better player, then this wouldn’t have come up as a rumor as why would a team downgrade? The contract talk is all noise as well, an attempt to up their selling price, a means to extract more value from Dallas on top of sending Hardaway. This whole idea seems like a longshot this far out anyhow. There’s no urgency to get a deal done.

January 8th - Cleveland Cavaliers are interested in Tim Hardaway Jr.

Chris Fedor went on the “Please Don’t Aggregate This” podcast with friend of Mavs Moneyball Jake Fischer and indicated the Cavaliers have eyes for Hardaway. Caris LeVert would be the guy Dallas gets in return and he was someone the Mavericks tried to make a play for last season. Marc Stein confirmed, in his newsletter, noting that, “League sources have reaffirmed to me that Hardaway is indeed available”.

Considering Tim’s role in the Dallas offense, this seems unlikely, but getting off of Hardaway’s contract without giving up a first round pick is something the Mavericks would have to take a long look at.

January 7th - Getting Bojan Bogdanović would cost Dallas a lot

The Detroit Pistons are playing hardball about the 33 year old forward, looking to squeeze as much as possible from the numerous teams who are interested in his services. Eric Pincus thinks Detroit would deal with Dallas but they’d have to send a 2027 first round pick in the deal.

While a Luka-Bojan offense would be fun, on defense they’d be very bad, and seeking Bojan out now when they had space to sign him in 2019 (they were never interested) would make me an insane person.

January 5th - Dallas would be interested in Zach LaVine because he’s really good

Hoopshype connects Dallas to the current Chicago player, noting how LaVine would obviously help Luka Doncic with scoring the basketball. Mike Scotto says he’s “heard the Mavericks don’t want to part with a first-round pick unless they think any incoming player can help them be a championship contender this season.”

Considering how odd the standings are in the West this year, an all in move might just make all the difference. Here’s friend of the site’s Dalton Trigg being very thirsty about it all.

December 8th - Mavericks talk to the Pistons about Nerlens Noel

Ian Begley mentioned this in his early December column, kicking off many jokes on from Mavs fans social media accounts. Dallas appeared to need front court help at the time and perhaps they still do, but this seems largely like the Mavericks were looking for unused players on tanking teams.

November 25th - Saddiq Bey tied to the Mavericks

The earliest rumor featuring Dallas came From Sam Amico, building off a report from Yahoo’s Jake Fischer that the Pistons were open to moving on from the third year forward. I do not recall the last time an Amico rumor about Dallas proved true and that early in the NBA season, it didn’t make a ton of sense.