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React Results: Dallas Mavericks’ win streak hasn’t changed expectations

Plus, a surprising reaction to Luka Doncic vs Donovan Mitchell explosions

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we posted a simple question on our weekly SB Reacts polls: Did the Dallas win streak (which ended against Boston) change your expectations for the Mavericks this season. This was asked primarily because it’s so easy to be a prisoner of the moment and prior to the streak, Dallas was under .500.

For a team coming of a Western Conference Finals run, expectations were high to start the year, but likely waned once it became clear that this particular team had a narrower path to victory that the aforementioned Conference Finals team. Then Dallas just so happened to go on an actual winning streak. So did the streak adjust how fans felt about the team for the year?

A near dead-even split is a bit shocking to me. I’ve always found fans to be very hopeful, but it’s interesting to know that a solid half of the fanbase understands that the winning streak was built off beating bad teams. Wins are still wins, of course, but it’s worth acknowledging that they weren’t against the best teams in the land.

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Additionally, there was a question posed to all fanbases, asking them to choose between Luka Doncic’s 60 point triple double or Donovan Mitchell’s 71 point explosion.

That Luka won this lopsidedly is really something, particularly when you consider that Mitchell’s performance was largely done in the second half and overtime when he scored more than 50 points. But we’ll take the Luka love anywhere we can get it.

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