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NBA Odds: The Milwaukee Bucks are going to be very, very good

Perhaps the league’s best regular season team

Chicago Bulls v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Assuming relative health, the Milwaukee Bucks are going to thrash teams in the regular season and should contend with Boston for the top seed in the East. The Lillard/Giannis pick and roll is rivaled only by Jokic/Murray. Khris Middleton, Brook Lopez, and the rest of the Bucks supporting cast will need to ice their shoulders after every game due to all the open looks they will have from deep. Their wing depth worries me but that is a question that will need to be answered in the postseason. The over/under is for the regular season only.

Milwaukee Bucks (Over/Under 54.5 Wins)

Key Additions- Damian Lillard, Malik Beasley, Cam Payne

Key Losses- Joe Ingles, Jevon Carter, Grayson Allen, Jrue Holiday

Historically, the Bucks biggest problem was creating a shot with less than 10 seconds left on the shot clock against tough defenses. Enter Damian Lillard. Khris Middleton is good at closing, but the Bucks couldn’t get over the hump until Giannis Antetokounmpo learned to excel in that role. Jrue Holiday is a fantastic player but asking him to close games in Middleton’s absence ultimately turned out to be too much for him.

The Bucks can now run an unstoppable pick-and-roll action in crunch time and get any look they want. Sure, their point-of-attack defense will take a step back but that should matter much in the regular season. This team should win close to 60 games. With Boston loaded up, home-court advantage will matter to them. If the top seed is within reach down the stretch, I expect them to go after it. This is a lock. The Bucks should be a monster of a regular-season team.

PREDICTION - Over 54.5 Wins