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Mavs YouTube Roundup: Preseason Edition

Opening Night is right around the corner.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks-Media Day Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The season is edging closer and it is time for the RoundUp to share some of the best videos that have come across our feed in the last few days. Let’s start off with highlights from the Real Madrid preseason game. My colleague Mette Robertson highlighted why the final score in the preseason loss to Real Madrid was not an embarrassment for the Mavs and left plenty of positives to be gleaned from the game.

Some debates cannot be won because they are not meant to be. Yet the folly is repeated all over social media and opinion shows. Comparing players from different eras is a fraught exercise with so many variables that the endless debates really never have a definitive end point - yet so many people dish their opinions without nuance or complexity. MJ or LeBron? Steph or Magic? The RoundUp believes these arguments are the near height of inanity and it boggles our mind why folks try to make something so beautifully ambiguous into an absolute.

Sporting Logically has fun looking ahead to the trade deadline and pondering which teams will be positioned to make moves of significance and how that might shake up the season.

A great look back at frozen moments in time by Wilson Sy. Which of these do you remember watching live and which one shocked you the most?

Are Wemby and Chet overly hyped or transcendence waiting to be showcased in an arena near you? The RoundUp leans slightly to the former but is not confident to say that for sure.

The end of an era is upon us. The Roundup is excited to see the new direction Nick takes Locked On Mavs in but the reliable duo will be missed. Hats off to Issac for a great run.

MMB’s Doyle Rader joined Kirk Henderson on Pod Maverick after the Real Madrid game to discuss the state of the Mavericks' floor and ceiling.

It is great to see the Houston Rockets are fully in win-now mode. Sign the clown and expect the circus to come to town.