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NBA Odds: Golden State Warriors, small but mighty

The Warriors will once again be good, it’s a question of how far they can go

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The situation in the locker room had reached a breaking point and the Golden State Warriors decided to move on from Jordan Poole. On talent alone, his contract extension was an overpay but not enough of a reason to move on so quickly. For chemistry purposes, the move was an addition by subtraction, providing the Warriors with a more moveable asset. I think Chris Paul was acquired for his salary slot rather than his on-court fit, which makes this over/under particularly interesting.

Golden State Warriors(Over/Under 48.5)

Key Additions - Chris Paul, Dario Saric, Rudy Gay

Key Losses - JaMychal Green, Andre Iguodala, Jordan Poole, James Wiseman, Donte DiVincenzo

Death, Taxes, and the Warriors struggling in non-Curry minutes. If you believe the Warriors traded for Chris Paul the player, you’d imagine his minutes would be staggered to ensure he could lead the second unit. But when, and it’s certainly when, he suffers some sort of nagging injury, what then? The Warriors cannot continue to give up leads or allow deficits to grow in Curry’s absence. It puts too much strain on him at a time when he should be managed carefully during the regular season. If I assumed CP3 would finish the year as a Warrior, I’d pound the under. Because I believe he, alongside some combination of Moses Moody and Jonathan Kaminga, will be moved, I am tempted to take the over.

You can never replicate what Curry does but you need someone to soak up some regular-season innings. In the postseason, they need someone who can create their own shot and help shoulder some of the playmaking burden. Against bigger teams, like the Nuggets, minutes with both Looney and Green on the floor makes each offensive possession a grind. If you add in Gary Payton II, that is potentially three non-shooters on the court at one time. I doubt that trio will see much time together but the rest of the roster leaves Kerr with limited options.

I anticipate the Warriors will bring in a final piece or two to help give them the versatility they’ll need to contend for another ring. The post-trade deadline warriors should be significantly better than the team that will take the court opening night. Because of that, the choice is clear for me.