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Mavericks Odds: What props and futures to bet on for the 2023-24 season

For those who want to sweat something out for six months

NBA: Dallas Mavericks-Media Day Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of ways to bet on the Mavericks this year. Most involve game-to-game risking, but before the season starts there is an opportunity to bet on season-long accomplishments. Few things exceed the feeling of predicting something correctly, and making money on those predictions is one of them. Here are some of the best (and most fun) things to bet on now before Dallas starts their season on October 25th:

Odds up to date as of 10:00 PM CST, October 17th from DraftKings

Dallas Mavericks over 43.5 wins (-110)

This line has moved since we predicted Dallas’ season win total. Now that it is down to 43.5, the over looks very favorable. Dallas will probably win 44 or 45 games and their floor is not much lower.

Kyrie Irving to average 27+ points and Dallas to make the playoffs (+215)

This is a special parlay DraftKings is offering. Thinking about Luka Doncic’s health and the makeup of the roster when Doncic is healthy, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Irving averages 27. He averaged exactly 27 points in 20 games for Dallas last year and if he does this the Mavericks will certainly make the playoffs. At +215, this is a good value for Irving believers.

Dallas Mavericks to win West Group B in the NBA Cup (+450)

This is the prop where it starts getting fun. The Pelicans, Rockets, Nuggets, and Clippers are in Group B with Dallas, and Luka Doncic is 24-13 vs those teams since 2021. It’s hard to know if players will take these games more seriously since they still count as regular-season games, but there is no one better in big-time games than Luka Doncic. The Nuggets are going to garner all of the attention from this group, but the Mavericks have a real chance to sneak a first-place spot.

Dallas to finish exactly sixth in the West (+800)

Currently, the line for Dallas’ seeding is 6.5, favoring the over (worse than sixth). Sixth sounds like the correct spot for this team. They have a clear floor with their superstars, but their youth and lack of continuity have a hold on their ceiling. They’re going to be good but not a juggernaut and just out of the play-in on the playoffs side is where they feel like they fit.

Luka Doncic to win clutch player of the year (+1200)

The Mavericks are going to play a lot of close games, that is just who they are. They play up and down to competition and because of this Doncic has racked up a highlight tape of game-winning shots. He has been one of the best clutch players for the last few years and it is time he gets an award for his clutch genes.

Dereck Lively to make an All-Rookie team (+1300)

All signs are pointing to Lively being the starter from day one. He is going to get his share of minutes, and could very well be one of the most impactful players in the rookie class. He has an advantage out of the gate if he is the starting center. If he rounds into form by the time the All-Star break is over with Dallas in a position for a playoff spot, the narrative could carry him to an All-Rookie team bid.

Mavericks and Nuggets to make the conference finals (+2000)

This future is the most fun one, by far. Denver is favored to win the Western Conference again, and they probably will. If they do, that would mean Dallas would have to finish second, third, sixth, or seventh to make this possible. Because they are projected to finish sixth or seventh, this is a likely outcome if Dallas puts it together. The Mavericks could lose in the first round and it would not be surprising. However, in the case that they don’t, their most likely conference finals opponent would be Denver.