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Podcast: A week in Dallas Mavericks news

Grant Williams, Dereck Lively, Luka Doncic, Josh Green, and a more gets discussed

Real Madrid v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Jesus Orihuela/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

On Tuesday evening, Josh and I got together for the first time since last week. I ended up doing the Mavericks-Real Madrid game recap with Doyle because Josh had an emergency and he explains what that was.

We pivot then to a brief hat tip to our friends Nick and Isaac at Locked On Mavs. Longtime readers know Nick posted the podcast here for a time before we wanted to do our own show. Isaac is moving on to work for the Mavs, but we wanted to salute their constant work for the better part of a decade.

From there, we finally pivot to talking about the Mavericks. Since the Mavericks haven’t played in a week and won’t until this Friday, I express the sort of existential dread that fills the space when I see other teams playing well and the Mavericks racking up injuries. That leads to a discussion on expectations and national media.

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After a quick break, we touch on three other Dallas-related topics:

  • Grant Williams on Dereck Lively needing to work for this Dallas experiment to bear fruit.
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. and the lack of clarity from Jason Kidd on his role.
  • Josh Green and his contract situation.

This was a fun show, Josh and I are ready for regular-season basketball.

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