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Mavs YouTube RoundUp: Season Opener Edition

The Mavericks journey begins with a win

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at San Antonio Spurs Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

When teams lose their season opener - as Dallas had the first two years have Jason Kidd’s tenure - it is easy to write it off as merely one game of 82 and quickly turn the page. For a refreshing twist, the Mavericks overcame a disastrous first quarter by winning the next three and restoring order to the basketball universe.

Let’s kick off this RoundUp with the return of PandaHank as his channel once again provides a very quick and expertly edited rendition of the game highlights from this victory over the Spurs.

Luka Dončić and Grant Williams addressed the media after the game and were rightly all smiles. It is wonderful to see Dončić surrounded by a roster full of positive energy once again. Bonus points to Dončić for supporting the Texas Rangers with his postgame attire. Folks, the World Series begins Arlington.

Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd was asked about the performance of rookies Dereck Lively II and Victor Wembanyama.

Our friend Nick Angstadt welcomes guest (and now recurring) co-host Dana Larson from Bally Sports Southwest to break down the opener and the season ahead.

More length, more size, and more speed all translate to closer margins and shorter windows for NBA teams chasing championships. jxmyhighroller explores the league’s perpetual morph in the direction of players with elite physical tools, absurd vision, and instinctual decision-making.

What would it take for Luka Dončić to become the greatest Maverick ever rather than just the most talented or most decorated? Is it even possible for Dončić - or any other future player - to ever eclipse Dirk Nowitzki as the face of the franchise historically? Wilson Sy explores that question for Dallas and several other franchises in this video.

Sporting Logically offers a thoughtful commentary on tanking without the pearl-clutching we saw late last season. What’s the best deterrent to tanking? A subpar draft class such as the forecast outcome for 2024.

Grant Afseth from the Sports Illustrated breaks down some film from the final preseason game that foreshadowed Lively’s effectiveness as a lob threat out of the pick-and-roll from Kyrie Irving.

How did this video slip past the watchful eye of the RoundUp late last season after the Maxi Kleber game-winner in LA? Prepare yourself for a wonderful trip down memory lane.

The RoundUp concludes with Kirk Henderson and Josh Bowe giving you their immediate assessment of the Mavericks' win and thoughts about what it might mean for the rest of the season.