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Quote board: Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic, and Kyrie Irving speak after Dallas defeats Brooklyn

“That’s a Luka special,” Kidd said

Brooklyn Nets v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

The late rally from the Dallas Mavericks past the Brooklyn Nets gave Dallas their second win of the season, 125-120. By now, chances are you’ve read the recap, analyzed the numbers, and relived Luka’s amazing shot a dozen times. You might’ve even heard us at Mavs Moneyball talking about what a wild game that was.

But, since we didn’t have anyone covering the game from the arena last night, perhaps you missed what the Mavericks themselves had to say about the game. With that in mind, here’s what Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic, and Kyrie Irving had to say in post-game media availability.

Jason Kidd

(On Luka Dončić’s fourth-quarter 3-pointer with 26 seconds left to take the lead and his overall performance…)

“I’m just glad I didn’t call a timeout when I wanted to. We probably wouldn’t be sitting here. That’s a Luka [Dončić] special. He likes the ball late, he loves those situations and he finds a way. The thing about Luka, he practices a lot of crazy shots. Sometimes they get caught on camera. Sometimes it’s just the human eye that catches them. Tonight was one of those shots. He put us in a position to get there. [Forty-nine] points. He played well. What else can you say about it? I don’t know what to say. He’s special.”

(On whether or not that is the hardest shot Kidd has seen Luka Dončić hit in a game…)

“The 60-point one — when he had 58 and had the tip-in on the shot — I think that was pretty hard. In the moment of whatever that stat line, 60 and 40 and 40 — whatever it was. That’s what he does. I thought there’s a lot of positives about what he did tonight. But I thought again, the team trusted one another. [Kyrie Irving] Kai didn’t have the best offensive night, but he got going at the right time. We’ll talk about defense tomorrow. We knew that they were going to be loose and free with the threes. And give them credit, they made a lot of them tonight. It’s something we’ve got to look at. I thought [Dwight Powell] DP and Josh [Green] — Josh played an incredible game for us. He wasn’t great early but stayed with it. His teammates trusted him on the floor, and then, he made some big free throws there.”

(On the team’s center rotation…)

“Small ball was big tonight. Looking at [Dwight Powell] DP. In the past, he’s done a pretty good job guarding [Ben] Simmons. Then Maxi [Kleber], as we know, is one of our defensive guys. Having those two guys and understanding [Dereck] Lively II hasn’t seen that a lot here in this league, that’s why we went with DP and Maxi. Again, DP was great, had a big tip-in on a missed shot. And then understanding, just making those guys drive the ball. I thought DP and Maxi did a really good job of not giving up threes.”

Luka Doncic

(On what was going through his head during the 3-point shot with 26 seconds left in the fourth quarter to take the lead…)

“I don’t know. I saw there were two or three seconds left [on the shot clock] and just knew I had to put it up and touch the rim so that we would have a chance of reloading [the clock].”

(On if he thought his 3-pointer with 26 seconds left on the clock to take the lead would go in…)

“Yes, actually. It was feeling good. I promise.”

(On if he thought his 3-pointer with 26 seconds left on the clock to take the lead was the toughest shot he’s made in a game…)

“It was probably this one. I don’t know what I did. Against Portland is a consideration, but I think this one was tougher. I think it was a little bit of a hook shot.”

(On if his 49-point, 10-rebound, 7-assist performance is a regular game for him…)

“Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Sometimes, I am too tired in the fourth quarter. But we got a win tonight, and that is all that matters.”

Kyrie Irving

(On the ending of tonight’s game…)

“There was a lot of magic in the air, man. That shot was crazy. I was going in to crash the offensive glass, and I was like, ‘Man this has a chance.’ I was just following it, and what a night for Luka (Dončić), what a night for our team. Not necessarily guarding the Nets as good as we wanted, not paying attention to the game plan as well as we would have wanted, but to leave out of here, home floor, first [home] game of the season with a win feels good.”

(On Luka Dončić’s ability to make difficult shots…)

“I think a lot of practice, a lot of freelance and his time playing horse — just being a kid and trying every shot possible. Having that self-confidence, man. He takes some crazy shots in practice and makes them, so it’s definitely part of his skill. It’s a make-or-miss league. Sometimes you going to make them, and sometimes you’re going to miss them, but tonight, I am grateful that it went our way because we were definitely in a nailbiter against this team.”

(On the feeling of playing in a home opener with the Mavericks…)

“It’s amazing. I try my best to be present and keep a seriousness about myself just to get ready. You know, for me, getting my legs underneath me. This is my third game, technically. I wish I had more time in the preseason. Just trying to get in shape and get my balance underneath me. It’s just a lot of shots that I am missing short, and when you’re missing short, you just got to continue to go into the weight room, continue to do the work that got you here and continue to trust. That’s what I’ve been doing. Theres a level of frustration, playing at home or playing against the San Antonio Spurs these first two games you want to play extremely well and set the precedent. Again, it’s not just a me game. It’s a team sport, and my teammates are picking me up. I think you’re going to see a bit of a different role from me this year because of the pieces we have and how well we can give Luka [Dončić] a break when he’s not necessarily being the number-one scoring threat. Just felt good to be here though for the first game. It was loud. The fans were engaged, and when Luka’s having a night like that, it’s amazing to see. Not just as an opponent, just being on his team and just want to continue to feed him that good energy so he brings us home.”

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Jacque Vaughn

(On the Mavericks’ run at the end of the game…)

“I think overall, our execution definitely improved from Game One for us. I think you have to give them credit for making tough shots. I think, overall, we were on the same page defensively, but you have to give them credit for making some really tough shots. We had some good looks. The ball was in the hands of everyone we wanted it to be in down the stretch, so definitely an improvement from game one.”

(On the big shot that Luka Dončić made at the end of the game…)

“I had to move on to the next play pretty quickly. But, even in that possession, we were great defensively. We executed how we wanted to. But you just have to give them credit for making that shot.”

(On if he thinks the team is coming together…)

“Without a doubt. I think it started with the physicality. I think the way we tried to punch first tonight was very different than the first game this year. So, I was extremely encouraged by that response from our guys. Our start was better. Overall, l think we had a defensive mindset to start the game, like we talked about, and then [with] the execution. So, no matter who is playing, one star out, two stars out, it doesn’t matter. The approach that we had, that has to be who we are.”

Mikal Bridges

(On their closing to the game…)

“It was a little bit better execution-wise. They made some tough ones towards the end. It was a little better, but we have to finish out and win a game. It is early. It is only two games, [so] you can’t overreact. We just have to get better. We know we are going to be in tight games. We have to learn how to win and execute on both ends.”

(On Dallas’ 10-2 run to close the game…)

“They got stops. Personally, it’s just [that] I am not executing. I’m not helping my team out. Luka [Dončić] got it going, and he’s just doing what he do.”

(On early growth of the team thus far in the early part of the season…)

“I just think we started the first quarter off good defensively. That was a plus for us. Usually, we don’t. We’re moving a little bit better. I just have to watch the film, re-watch it and see what’s up.”

Cam Thomas

(On the close out to the game…)

“Playing one of the best players in the league, there’s only so much you can do. That last shot, I don’t know what he did. One-handed off the glass?! You have to tip your hat to them. That was good defense. There’s a lot of positives we can take from the game to carry over to Charlotte. But, a one-handed three off the glass, contested, you have to tip your hat to him.”

(On positive changes from Game One to Game Two…)

“Our pace was better and faster. We played a lot faster. We actually got a good amount of stops. We forced them into tough shots. Obviously, Luka [Dončić] and Kyrie [Irving] made some tough shots. But that is all you can do: force them into tough shots. If they make it, they make it. If they miss, you did a good job.”

(On losing two close games to begin the season…)

“We executed pretty well in the end in both [games]. We got every shot we wanted, really. We ran our offense well. We got every shot we wanted. We got great looks. Some of us just missed a few. We got great looks at the end. But when someone makes a one-handed three off the glass? I’m going to keep saying it, what are you going to do?”

(On what Kyrie Irving told him after the game…)

“It was kind of like big brother being proud of his little brother. Just doing what I am doing these first two games. Obviously, I would rather have these win, but he was telling me that he was proud of me and how I have been playing. So, that means a lot, honestly. We go way back a little bit.”

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