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Podcast: Preseason games! More player reviews, including Tim Hardaway and Josh Green

Also talking about Grant Williams, Dante Exum, and Dwight Powell

2023-24 NBA Globals Games All Access Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s really nice to be talking about actual basketball things again and Josh Bowe and I do so for nearly an hour on Tuesday night. The show opens with our thoughts on coverage for the year and things we’re looking forward to, then some thoughts about what we hope to see from these three overseas pre-season games.

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After a break, we delve into player previews for five more guys. We begin with two Dallas stalwarts. There’s Tim Hardaway Jr., a player who is constantly linked to trade ideas but is still with the Mavericks several years later. Second, there’s the forever Maverick, Dwight Powell, a man fans jokingly say will get a statue one day (of him getting elbowed in the face). After that, there’s one of two Australian Mavericks, Dante Exum. He’s someone I think could be the X-factor for the season. Next to last we talk a lot about Josh Green and what a strong season from him could mean for the Dallas chances. We also talk about whether they should extend Green now or let him hit Restricted Free Agency. Lastly, there’s talk about the key free agency acquisition, Grant Williams. Josh thinks Dallas fans might be expecting too much from him.

This was a fun show. Hope you enjoy it either via the YouTube page or one of these podcast platforms!

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