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Mavs YouTube Roundup: Defensive woes abound for Dallas

Searching for stops in a sea of baskets

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The RoundUp returns to find the Dallas Mavericks asking some familiar questions regarding point-of-attack defense as well as vulnerabilities in the paint as November draws to a close. After a very fun start to the season that saw the Mavs competently handling several teams beneath their talent level, Dallas is now faced with solving the game formula that often presents itself. How can they find enough stops to weather stretches when their elite offense momentarily dries up? We begin the roundup with Kirk and Josh from Pod Maverick diving into this familiar and vexing question.

Locked On Mavs highlights the foreboding notion that Dallas is beginning to lose the “non-Luka” minutes. If this trend continues, it may portend a roster shakeup at the trade deadline for the third year in a row.

The Mavericks are not the only elite offense in the league so far this year. The Indiana Pacers and quite a few other teams are putting up historic numbers. Thinking Basketball dives into this phenomenon.

A bright spot of the season so far - Dereck Lively II - has exceeded nearly all forecasts. When the Mavs rookie center had to leave the Laker game, Richaun Holmes stepped up in a big way. Grant Asfeth takes a look at Holmes’ impact.

In one of the better videos the Mavs have released this season, we find our friend Bobby Karalla sitting down with new addition Grant Williams. A friendly game of chess serves as a nice backdrop for this fun interview.

Has the in-season tournament fixed the regular season? The RoundUp is still not completely sold on the format long term but we cannot deny the heightened intensity these last few weeks compared to recent years.

This may be the best video we have seen so far this year. Saying less and hoping you watch.

Ausar Thompson is our second favorite rookie to watch this year (after Lively of course). If you are not familiar with this phenom’s game, Thinking Basketball has you covered with this breakdown.

Sometimes sifting through the NBA bargain bin actually pays off. Wilson Sy lists the best value free agents signed this past offseason. Yes, a Maverick is on this list. Can you guess who it is before clicking play?

Could the NBA one day in the future move to this 3D-printed basketball?