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Dirk Nowitzki was great as a guest commentator

The Dallas legend got behind the mic for the Rockets game and was entertaining throughout

In- Season Tournement- Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Mavericks legend and Hall of Famer Dirk Nowtizki is no stranger to memorable moments behind the microphone.

He first graced our ears with “take dat witchu” while doing an interview from the bench when he was injured during the 2011 season. His encore was “shut it down, let’s go home” after a Brandan Wright alley-oop during a similar situation in the 2012 season. So it was no surprise that Dirk was absolutely great doing commentary for an entire game, which he did for the Mavericks win at home against the Rockets Tuesday night.

It started off strong and continued throughout the broadcast. Dirk’s humor, insight, and honesty was on full display, casually admitting he hasn’t watch every Rockets or Mavericks games, but was still familiar enough to give some earnest thoughts. With his former teammate Devin Harris also on the broadcast, it gave Dirk someone to bounce off old war stories with, while also breaking down the action in front of them.

The old stories were great, but what was cool was listening to Dirk weave in his past to talk about the present, like when he related how he developed a post-game while talking about Luka Doncic working down low.

He was also a good sport and funny. He made about a billion jokes about how bad a passer he was, he ribbed Harris for not passing him the ball more, and riffed that the coaching staff should have ran more plays for him. Aside: Dirk was a pretty good passer! He just didn’t need to do it a lot since he was one of the greatest scorers of all time.

Other highlights included him playing the nostalgic hits when Derrick Jones Jr. sealed the game with a dunk near the end of regulation.

Another fun moment was when Dirk commented on Luka being one of the best horse players he’s ever seen. He then said some of the wild shots Luka was putting in were “straight gar-bagé.”

It was a fun night, punctuated by the Mavericks getting a feel-good win after dropping four of their last six games. More Dirk on the broadcast would be greatly appreciated, but knowing Dirk’s retirement schedule, it will probably be hard to lock him down for frequent appearances. I almost wondered why Dirk doesn’t do this full-time, but considering the time he’s already missed with his family during his playing days, I doubt he wants to give that up and go back on the road again.

All I know was that Tuesday night was a hit, and everyone would welcome some more Dirk in their lives.