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Quoteboard: Kidd, Hardy, Lively, and Williams speak after Dallas rallies against Charlotte

Some of the key Dallas players talk after beating the Hornets at home

Charlotte Hornets v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

The Mavericks came from down 15 to defeat the Charlotte Hornets at home Sunday night, winning 124-118. By now, you knew that and perhaps you’ve seen some of the numbers that led to the win. If you happened to miss the Mavericks who talked to the media in the post-game, this is what they had to say:

Jason Kidd

(On Mavericks guard Jaden Hardy and Mavericks center Dereck Lively II kickstarting the Mavs’ comeback in the 4th quarter…)

“[In] the third quarter, we played the way we have, if you take out the Denver game, with the pace on the defensive side. Pregame, we talked about it with you guys (the media): the rebounding. We outrebounded them. I thought the message that the guys heard before the game [was] carried out. We missed shots, and it happens. [It’s] a win. It’s an ugly win. This group is growing in front of our eyes. [We] struggled offensively, but they didn’t give in. You’ve got to give that group in the locker room a lot of credit. In that second half, we could have easily folded and started thinking about Orlando, but I thought the guys did a great job. DP [Dwight Powell], [with the] offensive rebounds. We shot the ball in that second half. We were 8-14 from 3. There was a lot of good stuff in that second half, which was cool to watch. When you talk about the team effort, that was a great team win.”

(On picking up four wins in the clutch already to start this season…)

“When you have 77 [Luka Dončić] and 11 [Kyrie Irving], [winning in the clutch] is an easy thing. We talked about last year. As much as we wanted for things to happen right away, you’ve got to go through the process of growing pains and getting to know one another. The other side of that, we’ve spent a lot of time on in-game situations, and everybody’s very comfortable. Those two, again, we ran one play, and Luka [Dončić] dominated the ball, but I thought Kai [Kyrie Irving] did a great job of being open in the corner. Those are shots that we all know that he can knock down. If he didn’t shoot it, he drives it to be able to finish or make a play for someone. I thought our quarterback was great, and our receivers were great with that.”

(On Hornets guard LaMelo Ball’s performance in the second half…)

“[LaMelo] Ball had been struggling shooting the ball. For three quarters, he was kind of quiet. But [when] you give someone with that type of talent that many looks, at some point he’s going to connect. He did a great job. He puts a lot of pressure on your defense, not with just the distance of his threes, but his passing ability. He had a triple-double. That’s what he does. He can control the game by finding his teammates or being able to score.”

Jaden Hardy

(On his big and-one dunk tonight in the 4th quarter…)

“What I like the most is how excited the building got after. For real, it was just a good moment bringing energy.”

(On the theme of his minutes so far this season…)

“Really just staying ready whenever my name is called. Then when I get out there, play within myself trying to make the right plays, while still being aggressive and playing my game.”

(On what he needs to do to earn consistent minutes in the rotation…)

“Really, just staying ready. That’s what they are telling me. Continue to do what I’m doing and continue to put in work, even when I’m not playing. [I’m] staying late at the gym at night and going in early. [I’ll] just continue to do the stuff that I’m doing and continue to be a pro.”

(On what he needs to do to keep improving defensively…)

“Staying after practice and working on my defense. That’s the only thing I do with the coaches. Getting through screens, being where I’m supposed to be, sticking to our schemes and knowing what I’m supposed to do.”

(On improving his game during clutch times…)

“[It’s just] trusting each other and staying poised through those moments and not hanging our heads low. [It’s about] just trusting each other and trusting the staff.”

Grant Williams

(On the key to limiting Hornets guard LaMelo Ball…)

“He’s a special player. He puts a lot of pressure on you not only [with] just his ability to create for others, but he gets hot and is able to knock down some tough shots. He’s a big fan of that left-foot pull-up for a three, which is a crazy shot to shoot, which is even cooler to watch. We just tried our best to make sure that we upped our physicality in the second half and didn’t allow him to make those easy plays, simple reads and make them spray out to the shooters. [We] forced them to take difficult shots.”

(On the boost that Mavericks guard Jaden Hardy and Mavericks center Dereck Lively II brought to the game tonight…)

“Absolutely. I am saying and continue to keep saying for the rest of the season; Jaden [Hardy], [Dereck] Lively [II], and Josh Green, those three guys are going to be huge for us. They got to continue to keep taking strides every single day, making the right read and continue with the energy they’re playing with. They inspire us, and they do a phenomenal job of being prepared for no matter what role they receive. There’s games where Josh [Green] is going to play 30 minutes. There’s going to be games where Jaden [Hardy] may play five minutes, and then he’ll be asked to play 34. Their attitude and their approach is going to be a true making a mark of this team. I will always say thank you to those guys. I’ve been in that role, [and] I know how difficult it can possibly be. Those guys come up with great energy every single day. They compete and they make sure that their ultimate goal is winning. They are really going to benefit from that down the line.”

(On the Charlotte Hornets scoring 72 points in the paint tonight…)

“The primary cause is [that] we don’t listen. I feel that’s the biggest issue on that. We knew what the game plan was, and we knew they were going to put pressure on us in the paint in that first half. They popped out like 30 or 40 points in the paint. [So], we have to do a better job of executing the game plan. The coaches put us in a great position. They do a phenomenal job of making sure we are ready and prepared every single night. So, we have to do a better job of making sure we listen to those guys and really come out and make those guys we’re playing against do something they’re not used to doing. Tonight, we did a solid job, I guess you could say, because there are strides. They had 20 offensive rebounds last game. We progressed on that, and we had better rebounds tonight. Step by step.”

Dereck Lively II

(On his second career double-double tonight…)

“[I’m just] doing the dirty work, man. [I’m] cleaning up offensive rebounds and making sure I’m getting defensive rebounds. [I’m] making sure I’m staying open and making sure I’m having my hands ready. [I’m] thankful for my teammates for finding me in those spots. Just trying to get on to the next one.”

(On playing against Hornets center Mark William who also played at Duke University…)

“Just being able to know that I’m going up against another Blue Blood made me want to work that much harder. I know he’s a great player. He’s always on the boards. He’s always dunking the ball. I knew he was going to be a challenge for me. So, he got his, but we were able to get off on top.”

(On the key to the comeback win tonight…)

“Honestly, it came down to defense. We knew that eventually our shots were going to fall. But, it really came down to being able to just be in rotations, being able to have a low man, being able to play proper pick-and-roll defense and just being able to be in the gaps.”

(On what he thinks of his play to begin the season…)

“Being able to just be grateful enough to just have my hands ready and clean up the boards. [Just to] be able to know that I’m catching lobs, catching off little dump off passes and cleaning up everything. Being able to know that I am stepping into a different light, it’s a different role for me.”