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Luka Dončić tops ESPN’s Top 25 Under 25

A surprise to no one!

Dallas Mavericks v Orlando Magic Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

ESPN’s annual Top 25 under 25 list was released on Monday and once again features a familiar face. It is not without a touch of bittersweetness - as this is the last year Luka Doncic will rule this yearly tradition due to aging out of the list in February. ESPN Insiders underscore this astonishing four-year reign atop a prestigious list by the Mavericks superstar:

“In his final appearance before turning 25 in February, Doncic tops the list for an unprecedented fourth consecutive year. (Anthony Davis, No. 1 three times, might have matched the feat had we not skipped 2016.) Already, we’ve seen Doncic lead Dallas to the conference finals. Although last season was a disappointment from a team standpoint — the Mavericks faded down the stretch to finish outside the Western Conference play-in tournament — Doncic still has the potential to win MVP as soon as this year, making him the safest bet for future success.”

As Doncic ages past this arbitrary demarcation of future potential and firmly settles into the realm of higher expectations, Maverick fans can reflect back on the most prolific start to a career the franchise has ever seen. Based on his fantastic start to the season and the proximity of a brand new championship down the road in Arlington, Luka Doncic is focused on the goal that truly matters. Will there be a Maverick on next year’s list? It would not surprise us at all if Derrick Lively II made his way onto the 2024-2025 edition.