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MMB Lounge: Dereck Lively is good!

The rookie and the team are off to a great start

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The season has gotten under way and our Dallas Mavericks are off to a good start. Dereck Lively is a key part of that start despite the belief that he was more of a project than a win now piece.

The Mavericks have also dominated in the second half and especially in the clutch. The Mavericks are 6-0 in clutch games. They have only lost to the defending world champion Denver Nuggets. Grant Williams has been the steal of the summer.

Pretty much everyone is playing as well as can be expected aside from Kyrie Irving not shooting well, but that will come. He is an elite shooter and he did not lose that talent over night. He has made up for it in other areas.

Overall, the vibes are immaculate for the team and for Mavsmoneyball. Here is the lounge, try to keep them immaculate here. Be good to each other.