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Luka Doncic is the second fastest player to 1,000 threes in NBA history

It took Luka Doncic just 351 games to hit the millennium mark from beyond the arc

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Portland Trail Blazers Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Luka Doncic has made 1,000 three-pointers in his career and he did it in just 351 games. He’s the second-fastest to accomplish the feat, behind only Buddy Hield, who needed just 350 games (and took the crown from none other than Steph Curry at 369 games. Donovan Mitchell is now third at 355 games).

Doncic reached the mark when he hit his fifth three-pointer of the night towards the end of the third quarter as Dallas was cruising along with a double-digit lead over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Modern NBA offenses have been rewriting the record books with something of a rapid regularity as teams have worked to hone their offensive efficiency and outputs. That means the three-point shot has become a much bigger part of the game. Still, Luka reaching the 1,000 mark so quickly speaks to his effectiveness as a scorer and shooter.

It’s especially impressive considering Doncic doesn’t have the benefit of shooting many set shots or catch-and-shoot threes. As a matter of fact, he seems almost more comfortable shooting off the dribble than catching a pass from a teammate. He’s often among the players who take the most difficult and contested shots in the league.

This year, he’s taking nearly three shots from three-point range while defenders are “tight” - within two to four feet according to Only Jayson Tatum and Paul George take more, and neither is nearly as effective; both shoot between 30 and 31 percent. Doncic is still shooting nearly 40%. There’s just no way to bother him when he’s in rhythm.

At this point, there shouldn’t be any questions about the greatness of Luka Doncic’s skills, but this is just one more instance to show what a special player Doncic is at such a young age.