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Luka Doncic passes Jason Terry for sixth all-time in franchise scoring for Mavericks

Doncic is quickly ascending the Mavericks’ franchise record books.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Luka Doncic passed Jason Terry for sixth all-time in scoring for the Dallas Mavericks Saturday night against the San Antonio Spurs. The bucket came in the first quarter of the game, with Doncic carrying most of the scoring load for the Mavericks. It put Doncic at 9,954 points, passing Terry at 9,953.

Terry spent eight seasons with the Mavericks, and was part of the 2011 championship team. He finished his career with 18,881 points, meaning more than half of his points came during his time with Dallas. Terry was an electric combo guard built to get buckets. Doncic passing him so quickly shows what a gifted scorer the Slovenian superstar is.

Next on the franchise scoring list is Michael Finley, with 12,389. Doncic will likely pass him sometime early next season. From there, he’ll probably pass Derek Harper (12,597) and then Mark Aguirre (13,930) in short fashion, placing him third in franchise scoring in just seven seasons. The next season he’ll likely ascend to number two overall in scoring by passing Rolando Blackman at 16,643. After that, he’ll have to put in some work to catch Dirk Nowitzki at 31,560.

Doncic is also moving up the assists leaderboard. He’s sitting at 2,868, and will soon pass Steve Nash for fifth all-time for the Mavericks. Nash sits at 2,919 assists while playing for Dallas. After that, yup, it’s Nowitzki again, at 3,651.

He’s also creeping up the rebounding leaderboard, with 3,044 rebounds, which is eighth all-time for the Mavericks. He’ll pass Blackman (3,083) soon, and likely Erick Dampier (3,211) and Mark Aguirre (3,244) this season, and possibly even Shawn Bradley (3,340) to land at fourth all-time in rebounding for the Mavericks.

Doncic is steadily making his mark on this franchise, in wins and in stats. It’s truly remarkable how fast he’s ascending the all-time leaderboard in stats for the Mavericks. Every milestone he reaches is just another reminder that we’re watching a Hall of Fame player every game.