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Stats rundown: 3 stats to know from the Dallas Mavericks’ Christmas Day win over the Phoenix Suns, 128-114

Dallas beats the Suns on their homecourt, again

Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Phoenix Suns in Arizona on Christmas Monday night, sending the pretending Suns packing to the tune of a 128-114 victory. By this point, it’s likely you know that Luka Doncic passed the 10,000 point mark and kept going, scoring 50 points and dishing 15 assists. The game was incredible, go read the recap and Doncic’s path to his first 10,000 points scored. Here are some other incredible statistics to go with that game:

4 - Luka Doncic becomes the fourth player to score 50 or more on Christmas Day

Doncic joins some pretty incredible company. Bernard King scored 60 on Christmas day in 1984. Wllt Chamberlain poured in 59 in 1961. Rick Barry scored 50 of his own in 1966. That’s the full list now that Doncic scored 50 in 2023.

For those of you who are not big math folks, Doncic becomes the first player to score 50 points on Christmas Day in 39 years.

-9 - Dallas lost the battle of the boards but won anyway

Some numbers in this game don’t make sense. Dallas lost rebounds by nine, missed eight free throws, and only hit two more threes, and yet they won the basketball game anyway. The Suns also won second chance points and fast break points.

The Mavericks shot the ball way better, but the 14 point margin of victory masks how close this game was for Dallas. This was a massive win.

8 - Wins without Kyrie Irving

Dallas just needs to keep chugging along, particularly against teams they can beat. Now that Dallas has wins in the 13 games Irving hasn’t been able to suit up, it’s worth pointing out how much of an X-factor he’s going to be upon return. They obviously NEED Irving if this season’s going anywhere, but that they’ve survived so far speaks to how good the team is functioning. Hopefully he makes it back soon.