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Mavs YouTube Roundup: Luka Steals Christmas in Phoenix Edition

They boo him but wish he was theirs

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This installment of the RoundUp could have many titles. Headband Luka Edition. Death Star Luka Edition. “Devin Booker is crying in a corner somewhere” Edition. Within hours of the Mavericks thumping the Phoenix Suns on Christmas Day for the entire sports world to see, the number of Luka-centric videos began to spike on our YouTube feed. Here are a few of the best.

Thinking Basketball details how the Maverick superstar created a whooping 92 points.

You can’t lay off for fear of the much-improved long-range game. You can’t play straight with almost any defender in the league. Double teams are being eaten for breakfast, invited even. So, if you are an opposing defense? What do you do - besides hope he is tired that night?

Here’s a look at where every member of the Phoenix Suns NBA Finals entry team from 2021 stands today. It is not a pretty picture. Luka Doncic ended their brief contender window the very next year.

Dereck Lively II is putting in the work to go along with his talent. So many young players try to rely on talent alone but Lively has the work ethic to continue to get better for years to come.

Have you ever seen a player thrive off of double teams the way Doncic is this season? A big part of that is the movement being offered to him by his teammates. Sure, the Mavs shoot spot-up threes but players like Exum and Jones Jr are attacking late rotations without hesitation. The Mavs are combining increased athleticism with better decision-making. It is allowing Doctor Luka to perform surgery on opposing defenses.

Luka is smiling again. That is a great sight for Mavs fans. Remember last season when he was understandably downtrodden in postgame pressers? Hinting at things not going well in off-court areas? Sure, it was vague but also troubling. A great offseason and an even better start to this season has him sounding like Dallas is home for the long term.

Winning a title - like the Nuggets did last year - will buy you some “respect” with the refs. Steve Kerr isn’t wrong about the Jokic flops. You just have to wonder if he has forgotten the home cooking in the Curry era.

Long-form Dirk interviews are fantastic. Enjoy.

Technically, not a YouTube video but hearing these Suns fans admit reality is so refreshing.