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Quote board: Kidd, Luka, and Lively talk after the Mavericks fall to Thunder

The head coach and two stars talk to the media following the tough loss

Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night, losing their second straight game in as many nights. It was a mostly bad game for Dallas, where Oklahoma City clearly outplayed the Mavericks. Right up until they weren’t and Dallas went on an insane 30-0 run that gave them the lead. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold on and the Thunder rallied back to win 126-120. Here’s what some of the key figures had to say postgame:

Jason Kidd

(On the team’s 30-run in the fourth quarter…)

“I think when you look at the character of the team displayed there for the whole game, just understanding that with Luka [Dončić] they are going to take the ball out of his hands ... I thought the guys did a great job there at the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth to take those rhythm shots. I think [Dereck] Lively did a great job getting the ball and attacking and finishing. I thought our defense being able to scramble and try to take the ball out of Shai’s [Gilgeous-Alexander] hands, and then be able to come up with the rebounds, I thought that got us back into the game.”

(On Mavericks rookie center Dereck Lively II’s game developing…)

“Yea, at halftime I told him don’t look to pass, go finish. I thought he did a great job with that because he is a willing passer, so that will make the game easier as it goes. If you can’t finish, he’s going to have wide open guy in either corner, so I thought he did a great job there in the second half.”

(On Mavericks guard Luka Dončić’s emotions and performance after his daughter was born yesterday…)

“It’s high, just to go through what he’s gone through, the emotions of life at its highest. I think he said he wasn’t tired, so we left him out there. I thought he did a great job on both sides of the ball, defensively and offensively. Being able to find guys and then be able to knock down shots, again, he put us in the position to win.”

(On Mavericks two-way guard A.J. Lawson’s performance…)

“You look at a two-way like A.J. [Lawson] – I think he did an incredible job being able to see what shots were being presented and being able to turn down some shots to be able to get a better shot. I thought he did a great job, not just on the offensive end but on the defensive end.”

Luka Doncic

(On the ‘emotional rollercoaster’ the last several days have been for him…)

“First of all, it was the happiest day of my life, about the baby. But then today’s game was a big rollercoaster too. I’m so sad we didn’t win this game, but we gave a big effort. This team today was impressive in the 3rd and 4th quarter. We just got to play like this more times and we’re going to win a lot of games.”

(On how rested he was going into the game and the impact that had on his performance…)

“Yesterday was probably the best day I slept in three days, about 4-5 hours. It was really good for me based on the other two days. I told J-Kidd (Jason Kidd), [in] the first 2-3 minutes I was exhausted. I was like ‘I’m not making 35 (minutes) today’. I [eventually] just told J (Jason Kidd), I’m good.”

(On what the Mavericks 30-0 run says about the team…)

“That was insane. Like I said, we played with great energy. We had guys out [and] it was a tough game, but we came back and almost won it. Like I said, I’m really sad we couldn’t win it but it was a great, great effort.”

(On the late 4th quarter travel call against him…)

“Well, my view is that probably it was a travel. But those travels happen about, in my opinion, 20 times a game. So, [with] a minute to go, minute-and-a-half, if you’re going to call that travel for the first time in the game, you can’t do that. I think those travels happen a lot of times in one game, but the NBA doesn’t call them travels. I was really surprised because the next play, it was (Kenrich) Williams I think, (Williams) did the same thing and they didn’t call it.”

Dereck Lively II

(On Dallas’ 30-0 run in the fourth quarter to get back into the game…)

“That’s just the way the game goes, basketball is a game of runs. We were fortunate enough to fight back and bring it back to a close game. We’ve just got to be sure that we’re able to practice more trying to close out late game situations. Making sure we are doing the right plays, doing the right defense, make sure were making good possessions and getting stops.”

(On what he saw in the game that led to his 20-point/16-rebound/7-block performance tonight…)

“Really just trying to be able to find openings. If they’re going to double Luka [Dončić], just knowing if I’m going to be playing out the pocket or if I’m going to be playing out the flash game. So I’ve got to be able to know that sometimes the corner’s open, sometimes it’s me getting to the rim, or it’s just finding the open man.”

(On what it’s like going against other top rookies such as Chet Holmgren or Victor Wembanyama…)

“They’re both great players, just being able to know that I’m going up against a great team, with great players making great decisions on the floors, just makes you want to play a little bit harder. They’re both great players, they’re amazing players … Just being able to know that I’m going out here not chasing names, not chasing stats, I’m just chasing wins.”