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Stats Rundown: 3 stats from a Dallas Mavericks victory against the Golden State Warriors

Dallas gets back in the win column with one of their most complete team wins of the season

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Golden State Warriors D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

With Luka Doncic showing up on the pre-game injury report as questionable, the outcome of this game was on shaky ground from the start. Fortunately for Dallas, Luka was able to play come game time and lead Dallas to one of their most consistent and competent wins of the season, defeating Golden State 132-122.

75/75/100: Josh Green’s shooting numbers

Josh Green’s season-high 18 points tonight came on super-efficient scoring from the Dallas wing. He scored from all three levels on the floor, showing some nice touch in the midrange where he shot 2-for-3. That’s on top of the defensive energy he provides when he’s on the floor.

It was his third game back from an elbow injury that maybe was bothering him more than we knew based on how he played to start the year. Hopefully, he’s feeling 100% after missing a chunk of games and we get more nights like tonight from him.

0: Warriors second chance points in the fourth quarter

Dante Exum’s ascendence has softened the blow of being without Kyrie Irving for an extended time. Still, Dallas simply doesn’t have anyone else on the roster who can provide what Dereck Lively II provides. He notched a double-double tonight — his sixth — with 12 points and 14 rebounds.

The timing of those rebounds was crucial, too. He had five rebounds in the fourth quarter alone, all defensive, and played a big part in preventing the Warriors from snowballing too much momentum with easy second-chance points as they were making a push late in the game. It got as close as five (clutch game win!), but Lively’s play on the boards helped cement the win without raising Mavericks fans' blood pressure too much.

10: Dante Exum’s points in the paint

When Dante Exum returned to the NBA this year, one question was whether the three-point shot he developed playing in the Euroleague would translate. Well, Exum’s shooting over 40% from three so far this year, so it’s safe to say it seems to be sticking. Even if his long-distance shot sees some regression, what’s almost been more impressive is his ability to finish around the rim.

Golden State outscored Dallas in the paint tonight, 55-to-44, but Exum shot 5-of-6 in the paint, contributing 10 of Dallas’ 44 paint points. On the season, he’s shooting an astounding 77% in the restricted area when he’s able to get to the rim, which he seems to be able to do with regularity. That’s the kind of shot he can count on even if he doesn’t have it going from deep.