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Roundtable: What’s on tap during All-Star break and what’s next

Decompressing before the stretch run

Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets Photo by Grace Bradley/Getty Images

With no real basketball for a few days because of the All Star weekend then the break, what will you be doing to pass the time and what Maverick-related thing will you be over thinking until next week?

Mette: I’m ignoring the first part of the question because I’ll be thinking about Goran Dragic to the Mavericks.

I mean, what’s the downside for team? Like the last times, he’s a vet presence, Luka’s actual mentor, someone who can help and guide him, and help carry the load of leading - which he really needs right now. Maybe more than ever. And he can keep him in check like I don’t think anyone else - he’s known him since Luka was a child.

On top of that, he’s a solid third ball handler to run the second unit. He’s so good at pushing the ball, he’ll fit perfectly. And, with Luka’s increased interest in decision making - could he actually push for this? How do they do it? Can they cut someone? It’s doesn’t seem impossible. The FO has seemed lukewarm on Dragic from the beginning, so there may be something there, which may prevent it from happening.

If the Bulls waive him, there’s no downside to going after him. But to be honest, I’m afraid to get my hopes up again.

Ben: I’ll be catching up on some movies—the new Bill Russell documentary, Don’t Worry Darling, the new Ant Man. As far as the Mavericks, I’ll be watching to see if they move on from Frank Ntilikina and sign a veteran buyout. Goran Dragic is rumored to be waived, and Patrick Beverly is available. Either one could help shore up that third string point guard position they’ve been trying to fix all season.

Doyle: Let me first say this: Abolish the All-Star Game. It has become needlessly tiresome and cliché. Let the players spend the extra days off on a beach. It’s what they really want. It’s what I want.

During the break, I will continue to prepare for my forthcoming life-changing event and won’t be thinking about the Mavericks at all (though, I have a few thoughts about the team and its present roster construction that I plan to flesh out).

Brian: I’ll be deep diving into the Creed movie series (editor’s note: this is because we all told Brian to). The staff has raved about how good the movies are, so finally time for me to do my Creed homework. As far as the Mavericks are concerned, I’ll be thinking about when Maxi Kleber will be returning to the court.

Brent: I will be spending this break ruminating on how far down a fully healthy depth chart Jason Kidd will be able to stash Christian Wood and communicate that to him via passive-aggressive substitution patterns.

  • Starter. Now, and Forever: Dwight Powell
  • First off the Bench & (near) Full MLE Free Agent Signing: JaVale McGee
  • Let’s Hope That Hammy Holds Together (or the season is lost): Maxi Kleber
  • Small Ball Five: Somehow: Theo Pinson
  • John Klingberg Level Enforcer: Markieff Morris
  • Laser Sound Effect via Beloved Local Broadcaster: Davis Bertans
  • Are you sure the new guy can’t play Center?: Justin Holiday
  • Still in his *prove it to us, we’ll prove it to him* and *wait you’re still here post-deadline?* and *a point a minute this game means nothing to me, take a seat* moment: Christian Wood

Jordan: This time of year I’m usually trying to catch up on movies that came out October-December, so I’ll be trying to knock a bunch of those out. I’ll also spend some time thinking (or overthinking) about the reported impending return of Maxi Kleber. Over the last several seasons his impact is hotly debated. On paper he offers extra shooting and possibly the Mavericks’ only option as a last line of defense.

But will this injury recovery finally zap him of whatever remaining athleticism he has left? Even if he can return with some mobility, will it impact the defense? It doesn’t seem like the team will be making any more roster changes from the buyout market, so his return is the final move of the season. Maybe he brings some stability to the lineup rotations and a struggling defense. But if he can’t return to form, what next?

Kirk: I’ll be watching Shrinking on Apple+ and Pokerface on whatever streaming service that is on. I’ll think about playing Mass Effect 3 more but won’t actually do it.

As far as the Mavs are concerned, I’m going to be thinking only about the stretch run. There’s already off-season talk and I just can’t think about it yet.