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Mavs YouTube Roundup: Luka Doncic-Kyrie Irving Fit Edition

It is a question everyone is asking even though the answer is obvious

Minnesota Timberwolves v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The topic of the last few days focused on by YouTubers and podcasters alike is whether or not Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving can thrive as a pairing. We know the backcourt talent is there in spades but the integration of such a unique player has made the topic de jour whether or not Doncic can adapt/defer/maximize alongside his new running mate. The Roundup is confident the duo will figure it out and then some - but the level of over-analysis we are in for is considerable. That is what happens when you pair two of the world’s most popular basketball players who bring such contrasting styles to the floor.

First up is the Hoop Collective. Notice how quickly Bontemps and Windy shut down Tim Macmahon floating a particular future off-season possibility. The Roundup believes it is not so farfetched.

Respect to the creator of this video for the keen observation of the yelled-out coverages and play calls from Irving’s first game with Dallas.

Thinking Basketball believes that Irving will not scale back his usage when on the floor with Luka nearly as much as Brunson or Dinwiddie did.

If this video’s song choice alone does not make you smile, it may be time to reconsider your life choices.

Won’t spoil the outcome here other than to say this matchup of the Mavs and Nuggets was far more entertaining than the actual game.

Shaq seems to be a generous and funny guy in retirement. But as for any depth of knowledge as an analyst, most of us know not to take him seriously. This video makes a decent case for why Shaq being a casual hurts the game.

The Roundup is including a look at some of Kyrie’s best moments. How many plays at this level will see in the remaining regular season and playoffs?

This is the second video the Roundup has shared from this very unique and little-known channel. A running time machine always looking back 15 years. If only we could go back and watch prime Dirk live one more time. These random looks into the past are the next best thing.

Bonus video from Twitter: Luka would rather be in Mexico but was not about to be outdone by a mascot.