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Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Ben Golliver of the Washington Post talks Kyrie Irving, Mavericks

Some national perspective

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2023 NBA All-Star - NBA All-Star Game Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Ben Golliver, the Washington Post’s National NBA Writer, joined me on Wednesday afternoon to talk about the All Star game, Kyrie Irving and what Dallas Mavericks fans can expect, as well as Jason Kidd and Dallas expectations before ending on some Luka Doncic talk.

For those who might somehow be unaware of Golliver, he’s a long time basketball writer and podcaster. He currently co-hosts the GOAT podcast with former Sports Illustrated writer Andrew Sharp. He’s also the author of the book Bubbleball: Inside the NBA’s Fight to Save A Season. Golliver is one of the smartest and most frank NBA minds out there and we had a good time talking about the Mavericks.

We kick off the show with a discussion about Kyrie Irving. Though he made a number of lengthy statements at the NBA All Star game (many of which Ben had a front row seat for), I was more interested in what Ben thinks about the trade and the fit. He has a lot to say on the subject and is strongly of the opinion that Irving will eventually create another controversy in some fashion. He’s covered Irving going on 13 years now and makes some interesting points about his trajectory towards superstardom and then his rocky path the last several years.

After that I ask him some questions about Jason Kidd and whether he can make something out of this revamped Dallas team. We then discuss Luka Doncic and whether the Mavericks are being too cautious in their treatement of Doncic as a player and in how they team build. We end the show with a mention of Ben’s afforementioned book. Ben was in the bubble for 93 days! This was a really fun episode of Kirk Your Enthusiasm, which you can listen to here.

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