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After Dark: Dallas coughs up 27 point lead, loses to Lakers 111-108

A bad loss to start the week

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks blew a 27 point lead and fell to the Los Angeles Lakers at home Sunday afternoon, 111-108. After the game, Josh Bowe and I got together to discuss how the loss happened.

This loss is bound to stick with fans for a while, as it was a nationally televised mid-afternoon game against the Los Angeles Lakers. These two popular teams draw in a ton of eyes and losing this way to the Lakers reminded me of a similar loss in December of 2002 where Dallas gave up a 30 point lead heading into the fourth at home to the Lakers as well.

We start off the show with a calm recap, talking about some of the odder choices that head coach Jason Kidd made; I specifically lay the blame at his feet though Luka Doncic’s bad second quarter and the very bad defense for most of the second half played very obvious roles. That was before I saw this postgame quote from Jason Kidd:

That sent me down a wild reactionary path, where I spend a lot of the show mad at Kidd’s lack of taking any responsibility in any loss ever. I decide that I no longer want him to be the coach (too bad, he’ll be a coach here for the rest of time), so I’m sure the reactions to me saying that will somehow be louder than the lack of accountability the Dallas coach enjoys.

Bottom line is that this is a tough loss. So far since the Kyrie Irving trade, Dallas has won just one game with these two together and that’s a loss to the lowly Spurs. Josh and I hash out all elements of this loss and call it quits here on the podcast.

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