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React Results: Fans think the Mavericks both need to and will make a trade

Fans are pretty sure something is going to happen this next week

New Orleans Pelicans v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The NBA Trade Deadline is this Thursday in the early afternoon. On Friday, we asked a simple question: Will the Dallas Mavericks make a trade? Beyond that, in a national survey (which you can and should sign up for and participate in weekly here), NBA fans were asked which team most needs to make a splash.

The Mavericks and the Lakers were the overwhelming favorites. It’s interesting that so many fans think Dallas NEEDS a trade, considering their place in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference playoff race. Our team specific post had overwhelming results as well:

NEED is the word I keep coming back to in both the question and in the results. Luka Doncic’s uncertain injury status these next few games makes all this a bit uncomfortable, as does the road heavy schedule for a team that isn’t good on the road to being with.

Do fans see the team making a panic trade or a measured one? The Kyrie Irving situation and the apparent Dallas interest makes things all the more complicated. This next week, I expect everyone to be on pins and needles at every bit of news. The Mavericks may need to shake things up, but how much can the afford to shake up and do they have the assets to make any sort of interesting trade? It’s all very nerve wracking, but all we can do is wait and see.

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