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Mavs YouTube Roundup: Kyrie Irving trade edition

Luka’s second chapter begins in earnest

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

YouTube purveyors wasted no time getting their reaction videos published so the RoundUp is here to bring you the best we have seen so far. With several days of mind-bending trade action right before us, expect another Roundup once the dust settles.

Let’s begin with ESPN’s The Hoop Collective. Tim MacMahon’s hat choice tells you all you need to know about his initial reaction to the Irving trade.

Colin Cowherd and Chris Mannix explore the trade and ponder whether Dallas will pull off another move before the deadline.

Jason Timpf chimes in on the trade from the perspective of the Nets, the Mavericks...and the Lakers.

The thumbnail alone made this video a must-include. A nice analysis.

Our friends Nick and Issac over at Locked On Mavs weigh in and are unsurprisingly optimistic about the trade fit.

Finally, a note from Debbie Downer to balance out some of the optimism. Sporting Logically does not like this move for Dallas and breaks down exactly why he sees the trade in a negative light.