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MMB Lounge: A new era in Dallas

The team’s really changing now

Dallas Mavericks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Once again I am late on this very easy post! But you all will hopefully forgive me, given the wild weekend we’ve had with the new acquisition of Kyrie Irving as a Maverick. Here’s the old post from January, in case you need to carry over old arguments.

We still have the trade deadline to get to, then All Star break, so perhaps this month will be more about narrative than actual basketball (there aren’t as many games due to that break).

So what all will we talk about? How the Mavericks keep pushing out West? The defense? The offense? Kyrie Irving? There will probably be a lot about Kyrie Irving. Perhaps there will be other new Dallas players we can discuss too. Anyway, thanks for hanging out on the site. We appreciate your being here.