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React Results: the Kyrie Irving trade and whether the Dallas Mavericks are done making moves

Very Dallas focused week

Dallas Mavericks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Kyrie Irving changes the math for the Dallas Mavericks. We don’t know how quite yet, but we know that things are going to be very different. This week at SB Nation, we had a pair of surveys that had Dallas Mavericks centered questions. The first one was conducted up on the mothership. The first question of the survey asked who “won” the trade.

Considering this was a national poll and not one conducted here on Mavs Moneyball, it’s still a little shocking to see these results. Most fans don’t think Dallas won the trade at all.

The second question asks who “lost” the trade:

A little under half of responders think Dallas lost the trade. Again, this is a view of what NBA fans think of Irving and after his stint with the Nets, it’s not shocking that he doesn’t inspire ton of belief at the moment. That can always change if the Dallas Mavericks win games.

The third question asked if the Mavericks will regret making this trade:

Four out of five NBA fans say yes. That’s probably a bit upsetting for Dallas super fans, but it speaks to how people think about Irving. Even if you completely remove his issues relating to anti-Semitism from the discussion, he’s left three straight teams on somewhat dramatic terms and caused havoc to get what he wanted.

The last question on the national survey asked if Dallas was the favorite to come out of the West:

Then we pivot to the survey we posted here at Mavs Moneyball, where we had some more direct questions. The first asked our site readers if they were happy with the Kyrie Irving trade:

The vast majority of our readers are happy with the trade and it’s pretty clear as to why: we watch this team night in and out and whether you like Irving or not, I suspect 100% of fans would agree this team needs a change of some sort.

The last question we asked was whether we thought the Mavericks had another move in them:

Considering the trade deadline is SOON this is pretty interesting that we’re all very invested in the Mavericks making one more move. Perhaps it’s willing someone off the team or hoping the team makes a move with a distressed asset. The Deadline is early afternoon tomorrow so we’ll see what happens!

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