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2023 Dallas Mavericks Trade Deadline Tracker

Part 2: We’ll be keeping a list of all Mavericks trade rumors, reputable and otherwise, leading up to the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks HAVE been a participant in the NBA Trade Deadline for the second straight year, this time making a trade for All Star guard Kyrie Irving. In fact, the Mavericks were arguably the first big movers of the deadline. Late Wednesday night, the Lakers, Jazz, and Timberwolves got things really rolling with a complicated trade involving a lot of players. The late last night the Phoenix Suns went all in, sending all their draft capital and a host of players to the Brooklyn Nets for Kevin Durant.

When we started covering the Trade Deadline a month ago, all the rumors ended up here, in our first Trade Deadline tracker. However, the comments are closed on it, since that happens after a month. So I wanted to have another place for us to post day-of rumors along with a place for you all to discuss the newly made teams following the various trades. Of course, I hope you talk Mavericks too, just as I hope the Mavericks are able to find a home for a few of their rotation guys who don’t quite fit anymore. Compared to some of the other potential trades on the market (O.G. Anunoby comes to mind), if Dallas does anything it might not make waves in the rest of the market. That doesn’t make a move any less important to us. I very much wonder if Dallas is able to move Christian Wood or Tim Hardaway before all this is said and done.

Stay tuned here to anything Maverick-related and have fun in the comments.

10:00 am - Kyrie has eyes for the Suns?

None of us are allowed even a moments rest apparently, as Brian Windhorst went on ESPN to say that Kyrie had interest in the Suns before his trade to the Mavericks happened and the idea could be revisited in the off-season. Consider me annoyed as hell.