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Mavs YouTube RoundUp: Maxi Game Winner Edition

After 70 games without a final possession game-winner, the Mavs get their moment

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Lakers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Through the first 70 games of the year, the Dallas Mavericks sat a disappointing 35-35 and without the thrill of a game-winning shot despite so many bites at the apple. We have had misses, fumbles, and even a game of superstar pattycake against Minnesota that saw the horn sound without a shot going up. I have been clamoring for someone, anyone besides a double or triple-teamed All-Star to take a game-winning shot. The Mavs called and Maxi Kleber answered. If you love moments like this, you will enjoy this multi-angle accounting of the elation from Dallas and the deflation of Laker fandom. The woman in the stands behind LeBron James says it all.

In this entry, Dflowhoops breaks down how Kyrie Irving sliced and diced LA all night.

Kyrie Irving’s improvisation - made possible by his otherworldly handle - kept the Lakers trio of defenders guessing until his on-the-money pass gave Kleber just a split second to tap into muscle memory and fling faster than we have ever seen. The latest episode of the Film Room with Bobby Karalla focuses on Kyrie’s insane ball control and other aspects of his wizardry.

The March 5th contest between Dallas and the rival Phoenix Suns gets a granular deep dive from Day By Day Basketball. How many chances will we get to see Kevin Durant and Devin Booker take on Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving - given both future roster uncertainty and injury history?

It has been a hot minute since our last RoundUp and that means we missed this gem from the All-Star game. Luka was ready for Mexico and Kyrie shined. The first ASG in franchise history in which Dallas had two starters is definitely something to remember.

This video is about a year old but is included in this edition of the RoundUp to serve as a reminder that behind every single player is a human story. Sometimes Dwight Powell takes grief for what he lacks but that has always been more about the Mavericks’ other roster choices elevating him to a role beyond where he is best served. As both a big off the bench and a chemistry guy in the locker room, Powell is rightly revered and is one of the best role players in Maverick history.

Finally, a note for Kyrie Irving in case he reads this edition of the RoundUp. All this talk of choppin’ wood and carrying water has Van Morrison stuck in my head and that is a very fine thing indeed. Enlightenment is right up there with self-actualization and making the world a better place as the noblest of life goals. While the RoundUp is very much on board with the earth being spherical, we embrace the timeless lyrics from the legendary Irish crooner.