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Do you expect the Dallas Mavericks to re-sign Kyrie Irving?

The wording here is important

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

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Consider the wording of this one carefully. Not, “do you want the Mavericks to retain Kyrie Irving” or “should the Mavericks retain Kyrie Irving” but what do you expect?

I worded it as such on purpose because what I want as well as what I think are often entirely different from what I expect. I want the Mavericks to either re-sign Irving or work out a sign-and-trade where everyone involved ends up with a piece of what they want. The Mavericks should simply re-sign him; they did give up the pick for Irving after all.

But in terms of expectations? Given the off-seasons of every Dallas Mavericks team since the title (2018 excluded) I’ve been largely disappointed. I expect disappointment! That’s just my fandom brain buoyed by Dallas history. It’s neat.

Irving was reallyb fun to watch for Dallas, but the results just weren’t there. I’ll be interesting to see what happens during these next few months as little bits of information start to leak out about what the plans are or what Irving’s wants are. Good luck to all of us.