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NBA Playoffs 2022 Mavericks Hangout

Finally, a place to talk some basketball

2023 NBA Playoffs - Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/NBAE via Getty Images

One of the side effects of the Dallas Mavericks falling out of the NBA playoff hunt was that my interest in all things Mavs Moneyball-related fell into the endless void. I operate off of momentum; with a full-time job, a young child with a ton of activities, and the fact that I’m not the breadwinner (so a lot of household stuff becomes my domain) means that when I stop thinking about basketball, I REALLY stop thinking about basketball.

But basketball never stops. Shout out to the commenters who want to hang out here and talk basketball with the friends and enemies they’ve made on the site. I’ll try to make one for every round and more frequently if the volume of comments approaches 500 or so (after that, it becomes wonky).

The Sixers have already advanced, and the Clippers are staring up out of a hole, as are the Timberwolves. The Lakers and Grizzlies series is tied but has been mostly bad in my opinion, with all the interesting parts coming from off-court comments. Boston and the Hawks feels over but let’s see how this Sunday evening game goes. The only series I’ve really enjoyed is the Kings versus the Golden State Warriors.

Everyone have fun watching the games. I’m going to continue my mental break from basketball and we’ll try to keep putting out regular content. Go Mavs?