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Podcast: NBA Playoffs, Josh Green, Frank Ntilikina, Theo Pinson, and AJ Lawson

Back at it again

Chicago Bulls v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

The Mavericks are out of the playoffs and we’re in this weird spot before the NBA Lottery and NBA Draft, but we still want and have to talk about things Mavericks related. Which is why Josh Bowe and I got together on Tuesday night to talk about a whole host of things.

We lead with a discussion on our irritation about how a lot of smart media people insist the Mavericks could’ve made the play-in. After that, we pivot to a longer discussion about the NBA Playoffs; what we’ve learned, what surprises us, and what things we think the Dallas Mavericks can take away in terms of team building.

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After a quick break, we start our player review series. Though we don’t have a ton to say about AJ Lawson, we liked what we saw and hoped he gets a bigger run next season. Next we talk about Theo Pinson more than he should be talked about, what a maddening player. Frank Ntilikina’s weird season is the next to last topic, a guy who had unreasonable expectations placed on him by the Mavericks front office. Lastly, Josh Green’s up and down, but ultimately very promising season.

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