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SB Reacts: For Dallas Mavericks fans, confidence is low

At least, at the moment

San Antonio Spurs v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Earlier in the week we had a pretty simple poll, ahead of the NBA Lottery: are you confident in the Dallas Mavericks front office? The answer options were Yes, No, Let’s see how the Lottery goes. And despite that final caveat, here was the final poll.

Though I’m rather pessimistic as a fan, I have to admit this stark of response surprises me. Nearly 7 in 10 fans aren’t confident in what the front office can do this offseason. Sometimes I wonder how the timing of these polls affects results. It was a week out from the NBA Lottery, were Dallas has an 80% chance of keeping the pick, including a 3% chance to jump to the number 1 overall pick. But they also have a 20% chance of falling to 11 or lower, which would mean the pick conveys to the New York Knicks.

But for once, heading into next week, I’m choosing to be hopeful. The Mavericks have failed up often enough historically to think they’re due again, even if they’ve never risen in the lottery. So despite how dire things look for the Mavericks, between their lack of assets and the books with some rough contracts, one thing going their way could change everything.