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Do you want the Mavericks to draft a player or trade the pick?

Things have solidified, time to ask this question again

2023 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Kamil Krzaczynski/NBAE via Getty Images

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We asked a variation of this question a few weeks ago, but after the Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery results, it’s time to ask it again.

When we’re all dreaming of Victor Wembanyama or the chance at him, that influences what people think about hypothetical questions, but now the Mavericks have the 10th pick for sure. There are a lot of reports that the Mavericks are going to shop the pick around, but considering some of the teams in front of them, I’m of the opinion the market for 10 isn’t going to be great. I’d also like them to pick someone because I love draft picks, but that’s just me.

Let us know what you think!